Big Cutie Lyla – All I Want Is MORE Fat

Not all of you may know that just a couple days ago was my birthday and everyone always has something that they want for their birthday. People who don't truly know me probably want to hand me a weight loss guide or otherwise, what they don't realize is that I want exactly the opposite, and it is so sexy to think about how I am already such a fatty and only want to get bigger ;) I thought about what I want and what I want for my birthday is to gain more and more and be fed more than I can handle ;) Nothing is more desirable to me, I even use almost any extra cash I have around to get extra food as opposed to entertainment or clothes... sometimes I kind of like to wear clothes for a long time to feel how much I've grown and to be able to see just how fat I've gotten ;) Also, the less I spend on clothes, the more I spend on food to satisfy my greedy tummy. Check out my latest birthday desires, and never be afraid to donate fattening food to my cause :) Thank you all my fans, I love you all <3

P.s. Check out the pic and tell me if you think I should keep gaining or if this fatty has already let herself go enough... I don't think I have nearly gotten as fat as I desire!

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