Big Cutie Lyla – Jaw-Dropping New Measurements! ;)

Probably one of the most amazing feelings about being a gainer and foodee is being able to actually see the results of my gain and track exactly how much fat I am greedily piling onto my body. I thought it was about time for me to see just how much I've gained by checking out my most current measurements... Let's just say that I am speechless how much I've gained, but in a very good way ;) I can't believe how much I've plumped up, the old me seems like a skinny girl who didn't nearly eat to her greatest fantasies, but the new ultra fat, ssbbw, me knows how to eat and be a fatty glutton beyond even my wildest dreams. I really have just let myself go, and go and go... literally my fat is drooping down further and I'm just letting it keep going ;) I think you all will be more than satisfied to see my most recent measurements, and once again I am so happy how well my gain has gone and would love to know what you all think ;) I mean compare this picture to me when I first started bigcuties, the difference is astounding!! Please enjoy my latest update though, I need to get back to snackin', this fatty doesn't get those super high ssbbw measurements from sitting around... oh wait I do, hehe :P

P.S. It really does feel good to very safely call myself an ssbbw now after these most recent measurements, no one could deny it and I hope to keep growing even more... Kellie Kay here I come!!! ;)

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