Big Cutie Lyla – Massive Masquerade ;)

One of my favorite things to do is to imagine what it would be like if a girl like me lived in older times where absolutely no one was this positively fat and  so morbidly obese. I like to imagine myself at regal and fanciful events, where not even the fattest of men at the time could compare to my enormity. One thing that especially comes to mind is if I found myself as a masquerade set in time long ago... I like to imagine being there with nothing but a bra and panties and so much fat hanging out that no one would believe their eyes, surely at that time I still would have been able to make fat admirers out of some people I know ;) The curves just can't be beat, and I know people would flock to my fat and wonder who this mystery girl was under the mask. Even if I was treated oddly, I would only want to gain more and more fat and I know people would not be able to resist ;) Big girl curves, and my insatiable desire for food make me who I am. Do you think you would ask my name and take me out for some much needed food if you saw me at a masquerade? I know there's no way I could say no to food, hehe, unless it wasn't fattening enough food ;)

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