Big Cutie Lyla – On The Naughty List ;) (And proud of it!)

So I been thinking about whether I would be on the naughty list or not and after reviewing all the fattening foods I have been eating and how much I have been gorging myself and continuing to gain weight, despite how big I've already gotten, I have decided to live with the fact that I am on the naughty list ;) I have been very naughty, and not following any diets(except for the eat all you want diet!) so I thought I would show you all my naughty side. See my inner self who refuses to stop eating, I never want to stop eating and growing and if I have to be naughty for that to happen, then so be it! Check out my sexy curves in this dark and naughty XXXXL super plus size lingerie... yes I am moving up in the world, this is the largest lingerie I have ever worn and it even feels tight in some places where I have grown the most, hehe ;) No wonder I've moved up to such large attire though, I am a naughty girl, and you guys can't ever stop me from stuffing my face and eating to my belly's content, so there :) Enjoy this latest set! Thanks for checking me out ;)

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Lyla :)