Big Cutie Miley – Built for Comfort!

I remember being younger and playing with the little pudge of fat on my belly and being able to grab it all. I never could have imagined my body without a little bit of added fluff and pudge. Now, double the size I was then, my belly is an armful..and my favorite pillow! I love being able to feel my arms rest into it as my belly falls into my lap...and nothing makes me happier than the fact that my new doughy fat can double as a pillow almost anywhere on my body! Being on this huge comfy couch with my own big belly as a cushion was so much fun and soo comfortable, a typical day in life of Miley I couldn't wait to curl up into a ball after I ate a big cookie to end my day of feasting and lounging and so I could snug with my soft pudgy skin comforting me and coaxing me to laze around for a while.

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