Big Cutie Miley ~ Meet Miley!

I am so excited to introduce myself properly to all of you! My name is Miley and I'm a big girl with bigger dreams and probably the biggest personality in any room! :) I couldn't have thought of a better set to show myself off to you, considering that most of the reason for my huge hips and doughy belly is because I'm kind of always rolling around in bed in nothing but my bras and undies. It's kind of like a peek into the world of a lazy, spoiled and plush princess! To add a little fun fact about this set: If you pay attention to the pictures, you can see that I'm already starting to outgrow my favorite pair of teal panties since the fabric practically disappears under my belly. Take a peek at these previews and try to resist joining in on all the fun I had on this enormous bed with my pillowy belly, I'm going to bet you won't be able to!

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