BigCutie Brianna -VW Bug Bust Out! (fat girl, tiny car!)

Hey guys,
Ever wondered what 500 pounds looks in the front seat of a tiny car? well.. now you can see!! haha!
This new update on my site is quite an exciting one for me, and i'm sure it will be for you too!
Awesome pictures taken by Sweet Adeline, of my encounter with her WAY too small VW bug.
It was such a treat, hehe. I literally thought, oh I'll have no problem fitting inside. Boy was I wrong. haha!
Even harder was getting out of the car! lol.
I felt like the sexiest girl ever posing on & in the VW bug, and in a crop top, and cut-of shorts how can
you not want to see the rest! One of my favorite sets to date, and i'm sure you'll think so too once you
see the whole thing.

- The video along with the update, is of me STRUGGLING to pull my huge body out of her car.
It was literally a struggle! haha you totally don't want to miss this video, or the pics along with!

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Happy 2014!  :-*