Lolla Blaze breaks in her new ‘seat’ with the full force of her crushing 400+ lb

Lolla Blaze decides to use ‘ironman’ as her comfy new seat at . But he’s just not as comfy as she thought he’d be, he’s kinda lumpy! So she decides to flatten him out and break him in a little with some pounding butt drops. As she smashes her full 407 lbs down on his face and chest repeatedly, you can hear him groan in pain and gasp for air. She completes the process by bouncing and wiggling her vast bulk around on top of him, and smothering him beneath all that booty blubber when he complains too loudly. Hope he comes with a warranty! Plenty of facesitting & human seat POV video too so you get to see all his torture. Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie