*Big Cutie Bonnie-Big Booty Box Crush*

Big boxes, tall boxes, little boxes, small boxes my great fat arse defeated them all! I love how quickly my immense weight flattened them completely and how amazing my arse looked on camera when jiggling and bouncing!
This is definitely one of my favourite sets yet and also one of the ones where I have had the most fun!
If only some of the boxes were some of my sexy fans;)



Bonnie x0x0x

Great Weight Update

After a couple of very indulgent vacations I figured it was time for another weigh in! I'm sure you can see a few changes to my figure, but how does it translate in pounds?  Watch me step on the scale and find out just how much all of my happy travels have paid off. :)  I think you'll like the weighty results. 

<3 BoBerry
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Big Cutie Miley is Growing and Showing!

One of the few things people notice about me at first (other than being over 100 pounds bigger than any other girl in most rooms) is that I have a loud and crazy personality. So obviously, the way I dress is always a little provocative or a bit off beat. These blue tights are the perfect addition to my wardrobe as I get ready to go out. I bought my usual size....but they were more than a bit of a squeeze. The bright blue stretched over my belly and hips brings my faded stretch marks back to life, showcasing just how much I've expanded these past couple of months! But if you think my belly looks good in blue...wait until you see how much it flows when unleashed from the tight constrictions of nylon!

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Big Cutie Luscious- Fat Fantasies *video*

I get asked a lot what are my likes and what kind of things excite me, so I decided to make a video and tell you all about it. I share my fat fantasies with you, and even make you feel like you're right there with me! While I'm talking, I'm also jiggling my thighs, arms and massaging my belly. You must see for yourself!

Luscious XOXO


Nothing like a big, fat ass to muffle a whining and complaining seat!

Blake was just looking for a comfy place to sit and do her nails this week at www.ssbbwsgonewild.com , but Herman just squirms and complains too much. How is a girl to get her nails done like this? Ahh, that's better, she cant hear his complaints and cries of pain from under her 400 lbs of booty blubber! Not to mention, the less he can breathe, the less he struggles and squirms about. Come see this great full weight facesitting and squashing set, complete with 14 minute mini movie so you can witness Herman's complete humiliation as this fat princess tortures him with her crushing weight. Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie

Big Cutie Lyla – Bursting Out Bikini ;)

One of the things I find sexiest about my weight gain is looking back at my old sets, for instance one of my very first sets, my pool set. So for a very special treat for you guys I decided to try on my pool set clothes again just with hundreds of more pounds of soft sexy fat stuffed into my bikini which seems so small now hehe ;) My boobs hang out of the sides of it now like you wouldn't believe and I burst out of it like never before. I very much enjoy this realization in my video and get into depth about how much it turns me on that this bikini just doesn't do it for me, my growing body, and my bulging greedy tummy ;) See compare pics like never before in this latest set and let me know how much it looks like I let myself go...hehe :) So be sure to check out this latest set and get the best compare pics to date on my gain and proof that I am quite the naught piggy ;) Enjoy!!

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Loves and noms always,

Lyla :)

BigCutie Britt in Pudgy Pizza Pals! ft. BigCutie Vallery!

Hey! I love getting together with a big, blonde babe of a friend. Especially when it involves eating. And not just eating, but eating pizza. And not just eating pizza, but having it stuffed in my mouth. Watch us pig out and play with each others' curves in this doubled-up update! ;)

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And to those who are already a member: Check out the 3rd installment for my Weekly Wiggle videos and find out all about my fattening Vegas trip in two brand new blog entries! ;)


BigCutie Britt in Pudgy Pizza Pals! ft. BigCutie Vallery!

Hey! I love getting together with a big, blonde babe of a friend. Especially when it involves eating. And not just eating, but eating pizza. And not just eating pizza, but having it stuffed in my mouth. Watch us pig out and play with each others' curves in this doubled-up update! ;)

And if that wasn't good enough, this is only half of the fun.  Don't miss out on the incredibly sexy and fattening other half, at http://bigcuties.com/vallery!

And to those who are already a member: Check out the 3rd installment for my Weekly Wiggle videos and find out all about my fattening Vegas trip in two brand new blog entries! ;)


Big Cutie Trysta ~ Tight and Transparent!

Want to join me for a dip in the bubbly hot tub? I forgot my bathing suit and have to wear my nightie instead. I slide in tightly clothed in white, but when I come out, it’s almost completely transparent!

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Dolce BBW’s vast expanse of sexy belly and huge tits at Redhot Phatgirlz

Latin beauty Dolce shows her ever expanding curves this week at www.redhotphatgirlz.com in leopard fullback panties that are getting noticeably tight. If you love exotic looking, dark skinned bbws with huge, soft bellies, and ample rolls then you don't want to miss this new set of Dolce. Muy caliente! Rockin' your world, one fat girl at a time, REDhottie

PorcelainBBW ~ Vavavoombbw ~ Lazy Day ;)

Come see me this week as I demonstrate what it is to be a true fatty and laze my fat ass on the couch all day One of the most fun things about being a fatty is to be inactive, feet up and stuffing my face.

So of course for the video this week I am stuffing my face with pancakes and cookies *yummy!*

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Big tits, pudgy plumpness, and adorable double belly: MsLady sheds that tight dr

Don't miss part 2 of MsLady's tight dress gallery at www.redhotphatgirlz.com as she wriggles out of the dress to reveal that she isn't wearing any underwear! Sexy nudes of this cute plumper in this weeks update as she shows off her chubby-licious rolls & curves. Join now and get access to dozens of BBW and SSBBW models of all shapes and sizes in outstanding fat positive pictorials. If you love your girls big, chubby, curvy, fat and sexy, then you'll love Redhot Phatgirlz. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

BigCutie Ellie &quot;Squashing and Stuffing&quot; Part Two

Let the fun continue my friends! I am back here squashing and stuffing again!! This time while eating dessert! Join me while I stuff bite after delicious scrumptious bite of calorie laden sweet goodness into my big hungry mouth. Making my bulging belly so very happy!

I have the perfect seat and taking photos was lots of fun! My belly is hanging nice and low after it is stuffed to the max! I hope you enjoy!! I will be in search of my next squash boy soon!!!

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,


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BBWFaceHumpers – Delicious &amp; Sofia Rose Double FaceSit and More!


Just wanted to share the latest update to http://www.bbwfacehumpers.com! BBW Delicious and Super Boob Sofia Rose double facesit, breast smother, squash and use their tortured victim as human furniture!

Combined, this little dude has over 500 pounds on him and he is begging for mercy! Do they give it?  NO!  Come see the video preview and join to view all of the hot new content that was shot on location in Japan!  We have more coming...so JOIN NOW!

~BigCutie MizzPuss in Classical Curves Part 2~

Well now we are home, and I have fiendishly stripped down to a tiny see through lace skirt and top and I have nothing underneath. Now sit back and enjoy the show, I want to show you what this body can actually do, especially to the wanton dirty slow Jazz music we both adore. I Love how you watch me. I want your eyes to flow over every inch, every roll, every delectable morsel of this fine fat body. I want to feel your desire.

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Big Cutie Vallery ~ Pudgy Pizza Pals with guest Britt!

When Big Cutie Britt suggested we get together again for some fatty fun, I just knew two very large pizzas needed to be included! And boy did we stuff our big fat bellies full! We couldn’t wait to dig in and got right to feeding our piggy faces. We decided it would be even more fun to play feeder and feedee and took turns shoving as much pizza as possible into each other’s big mouths. This set has it all; cute fatties, stuffing, feeding and of course belly rubs all around. This is a set you don’t wanna miss! Come join my pizza pal Britt and I in this epically awesome double Cutie set!

Wanna be our delivery boy?

P.S. Be sure you check out the other photos and video from this set on Britt's site at http://britt.bigcuties.com - there can never be enough of fatty goodness, right?


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Squirmin’ Herman is trapped beneath Blake’s 400 lb bulk while she does her nail

Blake Monarch is being a lazy princess this week at www.ssbbwsgonewild.com , relaxing and primping. But she needs a comfy place to paint her nails, so Herman becomes an unwitting victim. As she settles her 400+lbs on him, and wiggles, bounces and squirms to get comfy, you can hear his cries of pain and pathetic complaints. When he gets too annoying, she gets up and tries a few heavy butt drops to tenderize him and shut him up. When he still insists on whining, she decides to smother him beneath mountains of booty blubber so she cant hear his mouth. 14 minute mini movie lets you watch Herman's fate as he is crushed helplessly beneath this big beefy babe, and lets you her his groans of pain and gasps for air as she just sits there, smacking her gum and doing her nails, unmindful of his struggles to get free. Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie

*NEW SET* Big Cutie Bambi in ‘At Your Service!’ Size comparison?!

It's that time again my beautiful dolls!

I have a new set out!
This is actually the second ever set I took for Big Cuties and if you notices, you can actually see how much bigger my belly has gotten in just 3 months by comparing it to previous sets!
I definitely noticed how small I was in January compared to now when I saw the set up.

I loved this set from the moment I shot it.
I am smiling a lot and my incredible fat little body looks (and is) so amazingly soft

I really wish I could let you all have a nice, big play with my body. I just want to you to know how soft I REALLY am.

Now, go and make some mess for me to clean up, so you can watch me bend over, while all my delicious fat squishes up! haha

Love Bambi xx


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Denim and Diamonds.

www.bigbootyasshley.com just updated this hot retro set of pictures of my huge tits looking super hot. I love my super hot body but his corset make my huge tits steal the show.  I love how big and bouncy my big tits are when I am all squeezed up in this sexy corset.  I love my huge thighs and fat sexy ass too but this outfit really accentuates my tits like never before.  Come to www.bigbootyasshley.com and enjoy all the hot skin you want. 

Dolce BBW’s leopard fullbacks are getting tight on her speading ass!

Dolce BBW is back and looking bigger and better than ever this week at www.redhotphatgirlz.com . This latin beauty shows off her huge, soft spreading rolls and big, sexy belly in lots of enticing shots in this update. And don't forget, when you join, you get access to dozens of big, sexy and beautiful fat models all under one roof. We update weekly, and with 10 years of exclusive, pro shot material under our belt, there's always something for you to enjoy! It's the art of BBW adult entertainment. Rockin' your world, REDhottie

Fiona’s curves are stretchmark and cellulite covered perfection

Just look at those soft, dimpled thighs and jiggly hanging belly. There's plenty to see of Fiona in part 2 of her zebra boyshorts gallery at www.redhotphatgirlz.com . Fiona is a bottom heavy ssbbw with ample thighs and huge, round tits, and when you join, you can see lots of galleries and clips of her, along with dozens of other bbw beauties. It's sexy bbw content shot for fat admirers by a fat admirer, so join today and see all we have to offer. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

Pizza builds better bodies… just ask Abbie!

 A well stuffed and satisfied Abbie Amplebottom shows off her gigantic belly, enormous tits, and huge growing thighs with their soft rolls. Abbie has a good appetite, and all those calorie laden meals look like they are going to all the right places. Check out this pizza stuffing set at www.ssbbwsgonewild.com with lots of POV shots and an 11 minute mini movie where you can watch her stuff her face with pizza while her stomach rumbles and growls in happy digestion. SSBBWs Gone Wild has all your fat fetishes, and some of the biggest, sexiest bbw's around, so join today and make your fattest fantasies come true. Kisses and licks, REDhottie

SS Snow Bunny – Big Cutie Summer

SS Snow Bunny - Big Cutie Summer

Toooooo much snow! I had to bite the bullet and get out while there was at least some sunshine! It really is such a beautiful sight, the sun glaring off the snow. Still, it was so windy, I had to make a hasty retreat to my car before I froze off my lovely bottom! hehe.

Come check out a rare spotting of the Super Sized Snow Bunny over @ http://summer.bigcuties.com ;)


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BigCutie Brianna~Skinny Girl Feeder Fun!

This is an update I've been waiting to show you guys FOREVER!
These pics aren't only hot cause she's feeding me, but also just because when we're next to eachother
you can just so noticeably see how our size compares to one another
  ;) ;)

Don't miss this double-threat only at: http://brianna.bigcuties.com

Extra: This weeks video with this update is of the beautiful Anna here, jiggling my belly and giggling quite a bit. And giving a few words about how squishy my belly is. 

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BigCutie Stephenie :: Couch Potato Queen

I was feeling particularly lazy and so I decided to show off what I look like on any given day, doing what I do best...sitting on my fat booty <3. My skin looks so milky and soft in the sunlight and I love the way my soft, cozy sweater hugs my curves in such a perfect way. I think I look my absolute biggest in this set...you have to see some of these pictures! I'm so wide that I even surprise myself sometimes.

Take a look at all of my previous sets as well as my new updates at:

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