Asha Cherry’s old flip flops are really crushed and worn by her heavier weight!

Don't miss this set for dirty foot & shoe fetishists this week at as a pregnant Asha Cherry shows off her bigger, fatter body. Asha's extra weight is really punishing to her favorite old flip flops, and in this set, you get to see how they are crushed and tortured beneath her massive weight as she waddles about and even walks to the store. Her sweaty, calluosed feet have nearly worn the soles through where her feet and toes put crushing pressure on them as she walks. These old sandals are ready to be sold to her eager foot perv fans, and she is already breaking in this summer's pair with her extra pregnency weight. Great set with lots of POV shots of her massive body, and dirty, calloused feet and lots of shoeplay, dipping, and dangling as her feet flex and slip in and out of the shoes as she sits around watching tv. Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie