Big Cutie Vallery ~ Pudgy Pizza Pals with guest Britt!

When Big Cutie Britt suggested we get together again for some fatty fun, I just knew two very large pizzas needed to be included! And boy did we stuff our big fat bellies full! We couldn’t wait to dig in and got right to feeding our piggy faces. We decided it would be even more fun to play feeder and feedee and took turns shoving as much pizza as possible into each other’s big mouths. This set has it all; cute fatties, stuffing, feeding and of course belly rubs all around. This is a set you don’t wanna miss! Come join my pizza pal Britt and I in this epically awesome double Cutie set!

Wanna be our delivery boy?

P.S. Be sure you check out the other photos and video from this set on Britt's site at - there can never be enough of fatty goodness, right?

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