Pregnant Asha Cherry has put on a lot of weight, and is really hard on her flip

A new set this week at for all those dirty foot lovers. Asha Cherry is very pregnant and has packed on the pounds, and she's putting some serious wear on her favorite old flip flops. They are crushed and ground mercilessly beneath her sweaty, calloused feet as she waddles about until the soles are paper thin and nearly worn through in places. In this set you get to see some of the abuse the poor old sandals go through beneath her massive weight. Plenty of shots of her hot, tired, smelly feet slipping in and out of them, showing how the rubber has been worn and crushed beneath her weight, and great POV video with lots of shoeplay, dipping, dangling, and flexing. Can you imagine this pregnant beauty stepping right on your face with those dirty, calloused feet? SSBBWs Gone Wild, it's the place to be for the serious fat fetishist. Rockin' your world, REDhottie