Squirmin’ Herman is trapped beneath Blake’s 400 lb bulk while she does her nail

Blake Monarch is being a lazy princess this week at www.ssbbwsgonewild.com , relaxing and primping. But she needs a comfy place to paint her nails, so Herman becomes an unwitting victim. As she settles her 400+lbs on him, and wiggles, bounces and squirms to get comfy, you can hear his cries of pain and pathetic complaints. When he gets too annoying, she gets up and tries a few heavy butt drops to tenderize him and shut him up. When he still insists on whining, she decides to smother him beneath mountains of booty blubber so she cant hear his mouth. 14 minute mini movie lets you watch Herman's fate as he is crushed helplessly beneath this big beefy babe, and lets you her his groans of pain and gasps for air as she just sits there, smacking her gum and doing her nails, unmindful of his struggles to get free. Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie