Farm Girl Comparison

This comparison set to my 2nd ever BigCuties update and is one you won't want to miss. Amazingly, my tiny little denim jumper STILL fits, but I can definitely notice a few changes. :)  A few extra bulges and an over all plumper body are definitely highlighted in this set. I love this one and I hope you do too! 

<3 BoBerry
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6′ 3&quot; amazon pear Leilo Blair lifts and carries Squirmin’ Herman to his doom

Leilo Blair is tired of Herman's laziness and disrespect this week at , so she carries him to the couch and throws him down, plopping her vast bulk right down on top of his small body. When his complaining and groaning start to annoy her, she stifles him by engulfing his face with her massive ass cheeks. As she bounces and grinds her nearly 400 lbs on his face, his cries of pain are barely audible whimpers from beneath all that ass. Maybe a good smothering will adjust his attitude. But when he still hasn't learned his lesson, she pulls out a big leather belt and gives him a series of sound spankings. A 10 minute mini movie lets you enjoy Herman's punishment up close, you can see the look of pain as his face turns red from being crushed beneath Leilo's imposing weight, and between her strong, hefty thighs. Great facesitting & punishment set from the site that brings you the best in extreme fat fetish conetnt, SSBBWs Gone Wild. Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie

chilly in New England

Spring In New England

Hello Lover!

You know how I Love shooting Updates outdoors

well..... After a LOOOONG cold Winter

I couldnt wait any longer to get Out and Nude

My sheer blue Babydoll Nighty felt so good on my skin as the sunshined thru

and wouldnt you know it....... I think Mother Nature had to see My nips get rock hard

The icy wind picked up and my nipples ached in the wind

mmmmmm I know you liked that too huh

Gotta love Spring in New England!!!!



Bedhead Babe – Big Cutie Summer

Sometimes it can be a chore to get out of bed. You know I love lounging about. I am not a morning person, though, you can find a smile on my face when I find that right spot in bed with a soft squishy blanket and I feel all snuggled in for just five more minutes... you don't want to hit snooze though, head over to

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~BigCutie MizzPuss in Hefty Harlot~

I do love all things vintage. And I love listening to sexy 1940's burlesque music. Putting on little performances in front of my mirror, pretending I am a far fatter and naughtier burlesque artist. I had so much fun in this set that I had to do 2 parts to it. This first one is very much about the breasts and me trying to capture the cheeky and seductive glance and smile. One that says I am a mystery, unattainable, yet completely within reach. Utter seduction with just the right look. Well that and my porcelain smooth silken skin. And my mountainous breasts tumbling out of my top. Did I achieve my goal?

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Sasha’s Voluptuous Voyeur Vid!

I know you love watching your favorite fatty as I bend and stretch out after a long day of taking sets. You hide where I can't see you to enjoy my big half naked body jiggle and bounce while I quickly lose my breath. There is only so much I can do before I give up and drop to the couch like the super fatty I am. You love it. ;)

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,

Big Cutie Miley in Neon Rolls!

I've been around for almost six months and if there is anything you guys have learned about me, it's that I love to stand out. From being the biggest girl in my group of friends, to ordering the most at restaurants and wearing tight revealing clothes...the limelight is always great for my complexion. So, I went on a mission to buy some bright neon clothes...but when I got home I quickly realized I underestimated just how big I've gotten. Even though I got this bright top and matching underwear in a 2x, my rolls refuse to be hidden or come second when it comes to grabbing your attention in this bright and fun set!

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Big Cutie Vallery ~ Cupcakes &amp; Curves with Britt!

As you all know, desserts are my absolute favorite things to eat and nothing makes them taste sweeter than having a sexy fat girl feed them to me! I invite Big Cutie Britt over for a little bedroom desert fun and we spent the afternoon stuffing each other silly with cupcakes. We had an absolute blast shooting this set and by the time all the cupcakes where gone, our bellies were so full and we had frosting EVERYWHERE. Sets don’t get much more fun or as sexy sweet as this! Join us for and afternoon full of cupcakes and curves!

Cupcake Kisses,

P.S. Be sure to check another half of these photos and a whole other video over at Britt's site at ! Because there is never too much of a good thing, right>? ;)

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*BigCutie Aspen is JUICY!

Who doesn’t enjoy a juicy plump orange? I love bright colors, they always make my belly stand out! Don’t you agree? I probably won’t be able to wear these for much longer, they’re already so tight! Especially this bra, it always leaves tight marks. I guess that’s a sign of growing!

Want see me shake my growing plump booty? Check out the video that goes with this set  all my back fat jiggles along with it!

*Check it out this booty:

Aspen xo

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Bigcutie Veelynn – Pudgy in Pink

Hey guys so as I was shopping around Walmart one day I found this quaint little pink sleep set. I knew it would be wonderful for a photoshoot and decided to pick it up. But I've come to realize that the bottoms that are supposed to be like a ruched skirt, seem to want to roll up my massive hips and in this pink top is so tiny it leaves not very much to the imagination. This little set clings to every curve, valley and hill on my body as I roll around on this king size comfortable bed. I'm definitely pudgy in pink. I'd be more than happy for a little company perhaps you can remove the two tiny sleeper set. ;)

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cherry young dutch ssbbw

Name: Cherry Young

Age: 30

Location: The Netherlands

A little about myself:  I'm a hot young and beautiful fat, SSBBW model from holland I'm into feeding and am here to tease you and drive you crazy

Fatty secret pleasure: Brownies - Kroketten - Cheese - pizza - soup

Hobbies:  Singing - Baking - Modeling/Webcamming - Painting

Favorite Movies:  Horror - Secretary - House of 1000 Corpses

Favorite Music: Rockabilly - Country- Miranda Lambert - Blake Shelton

What makes me a brat:  Loving my body with all my curves feeling hot and sexy in nice red and love being treated like a queen

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Rubie Bombshell &quot;Workout&quot;

AND 1 AND 2 and work those arms and lift that weight.  Oh who are we kidding, fat girl don't work out!!!!!  Give me a big heavy bowl of Chocolate and I will work those arms.  Lift one handful of candy to my mouth after another.  This set has 74 photos and 1 video and should be up and live in the next couple of days so be sure and watch for it at

Sasha’s Biggest Belly Play Clip &amp; More!

Just added some more fun clips to my C4S page! My biggest belly play yet! Now that I have surpassed the big 500 come see what this big belly play is like. Even more jiggles and a lower hang as the weight just piles on. Plus I make a clip between takes just filming myself in the mirror, showing off off of my hot body for you, giving you the ultimate SSBBW selfie!

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Pagan Goddess’s stuffed belly and enormous tits at SSBBWs Gone Wild

Pagan Goddess relaxes on the couch after a big plate of burritos, chips & guacamole this week at and plays with her soft, squishy belly rolls and mammoth tits. This is a great eating set with a 13 minute mini movie where you can watch this bulging beauty stuff her face, and hear some incredible hunger growls. Her empty stomach practically roars as she begins eating, the loud growls giving way to quieter but more frequent gurgles and groans as her stomach begins working on her huge meal. Great POV views of her incredible rolls and massive buttercream belly too! Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie

~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ Little Mermaids and Tiny Roses

You love when she wears that shirt.
That tiny, tight, white shirt - the one with The Little Mermaid drawn on it...
The one that cannot even cover her entire belly, but rather snugly hugs her upper belly, leaving her lower one teasingly bare...

How playful she gets when she's like this...

And the tiny roses that decorate those slinky black panties detailed with lace look so, so tiny whilst on that big, round, beautiful ass of hers...

New photo set up only at!



80&quot; hips+ 460 pound = tiny chair trouble

Just updated to is a new set of pictures and a hot HD video of me sitting and and trying to get up out of this very small office chair.  I don't know if they make "regulation" size office chairs but I think it is fair to say my ass is NOT "regulation" size.  I have to squeeze into the thing then when I think I have torchured us both enough it doesn't want to get off my big fat ass.  So if you love to see my fat ass and super sized thighs make this tiny chair disappear then get on over to and live it up.

Bi weekly update.. Green with Envy? just updated this newest hot set of pictures.  Me big fat sexy body in the beautiful emerald green lingerie.  You all know how much I love to show off my hot body when I'm feeling sexy so rest assured that this set of photos is nothing short of amazing.  I felt like a princess ready to take on my knight if you know what I mean.  So sexy and full of lust.  Come over to and enjoy. 

This short dress really makes Sinnabum’s enormous ass pop!

Sinnabum is on the prowl in tiger print, and this short dress really calls attention to her enormous ass at . This sexy new set is filled with big booty close-ups and tantalizing giant thigh shots as she struts her stuff in this short dress, and a tiny thong! Ass lovers won't want to miss this one. And remember, your Redhot Phatgirlz membership gets you access to dozens of fat beauties of all shapes and sizes in amazing pro shot content photographed with the fat admirer in mind. So get your key to unlock your own private fat wonderland today! Rockin' your big booty world, REDhottie

cum for me!!!

Come on baby Get on top!!!

Can you make my pussy POP

Pop my Pussy ....Pop pop pop My pussy baby!

Want to hit it from behind

climb on UP... I wont mind

Sink it Deep and Make me cream

On all fours..... Then on my Knees

Its your tool I want to feel

Can you make me moan and squeel

Im all wet as you can see

Come on give that dick to me

I'll make you Hard.. You make me wet

Be my Master I'll be your pet

Sink in deep... Into my pink

Slap my ass...Sink balls deep

Fell my pussy quiver and shake

My clits so hard orgasms await

so come on baby dont you stop

till you make... my PUSSY POP!!

Licks and Kisses


PorcelainBBW ~ Vavavoombbw ~ Fat Feline!!

So this weeks set was requested. I felt uber fat and extremely sexy dressed like a curvy kitty. Come see me slink around shaking my tail and ringing my bell. I am a mischievous cat girl! MEOW

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Big Cutie Lyla – The Squishing Zone ;)

I would have to say that the best thing about letting myself go is just how BIG I am getting. I take up so much space, I can't fit in movie theater seats and many other public places, and that thought of being so big gets to my head sometimes. Sometimes I just really feel like squishing with all my weight and fat, it makes me feel all the sexier for being so overflowing with fat and enormous ;) Just thinking about a good squishing gets me going... and whenever that happens I like to take all sorts of objects (and people when I can get ahold of them ;) ) and I take them to this perfect sized super soft movable squishing zone. I get my desires of squishing done on this squishing zone and anything that is there will either be pleased beyond belief or wish they had never challenged me to squish them in first place :P When it comes to squishing I get serious, and I get sexy ;)

My favorite squishing fantasy is someone who can't handle all my weight as I munch down food during the squishing session to make myself larger and fatter and even more for them to handle... but that is getting into fantasies I cover quite descriptively in my blog... and if I get more into that who knows how turned on I'll get hehe ;) Anyway, I KNOW you will all enjoy this latest set, so enjoy! :)

Check out this sexy, squish-craving set at:

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Loves and noms always,

Lyla :)

Trudy Michelle enjoys the Florida sunshine on her massive buttercream curves

We've featured part 2 of Trudy Michelle's sunbathing set at this week. This update is just brimming with incredible close ups of this 400 lb beauty's amazing body. Such a big, soft, squishy belly and voluptuous curves! Wouldn't you love to be the one to rub sunscreen on her massive expanse of belly? Join and see Trudy and all our bbw beauties under one roof, that's dozens of models, and over 10 years of content, with weekly updates and top notch photography. It's a playground for fat admirers! Rockin' your world, REDhottie

Does Teal make me look fat?? 10 MIN HD VID UPDATE TOO

Just updated to is a hot retro set of photos of me in a sexy ass teal panties and bra set.  I love the way this set fits my big boobs and fat ass. It is so shiny I feel like if you look close you can see your reflection in my cleavage.  The 10 min HD Video I updated is me having lots of fun using my sexy dimply ass to pop some balloons.  Lots of fat in motion and I love the way those tiny red balloons didn't stand a chance against my huge ass.  Come to and check out this hot update. 
Pictures and a 10 minute HD VIDEO

Pagan Goddess stuffs her sexy, squishy belly with burritos!

Don't miss new model Pagan Goddess's sexy debut on as this hungry fatty chows down on some burritos & guacamole. We've got lots of amazing close ups of her soft, bulging belly and huge tits while she eagerly devours the burritos, and we've also got a 13 minute mini movie where you can hear her epic hunger growls while she begins to eat. The deep rumbling growls turn to contented gurgles and rumbles as her stomach work on all that food. She even stands up to give you incredible POV views of her soft, jiggly rolls and belly while her stomach gurgles away. Hot set for belly fetishists! Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie

BigCutie CaitiDee’s Before and After Bunny!

HAPPY EASTER! I'm late posting this, but my delicious before and after bunny pictures (and video) did go up on Easter. I hope you enjoyed yours! I ate my way through the kitchen, of course. ;) And maybe that's why my after bunny body is so much fluffier!

Find this update and lots more at!

Fat, Happy, Hungry,


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Massive booty in a hot animal print dress: Sinnabum is back!

This week's update is one for all the big booty lovers, Sinnabum is back, rockin' her massive curves in a sexy tiger print dress at . We've got amazing POV's of those incredible thighs and gigantic ass of hers as she strips and reveals a tight fitting thong that barely contains that massive booty! So join and see all there is to see of this bottom heavy ebony beauty, and also get access to over 10 years of weekly updates. We've got fatties from plump to supersized, and photography that's second to none, it's your private FA paradise. Kisses, REDhottie

Sasha~ Chubby Bunny Snacker!

Best thing about Easter is the discount candy that comes the day after the holiday! All the candy I can eat to my hearts content and at half the price! All the more for me to buy and stuff my fat face with to really earn the name chubby bunny. This year I'm getting a head start, but don't worry, I'm on the case.. the candy case!

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,

Big Cutie Luscious-Snacking Schoolgirl

In this set I wanted you to picture sitting next to me in class and watching me eat snacks I've tucked away in my stockings and areas of my fat. I should be paying attention, but instead I'm snacking on candies I've hidden on myself even under my belly! I felt like such a naughty fat school girl in this outfit, I love the skirt I'm wearing! My butt looks pretty nice n round and my thighs look jiggly soft.

Fun fact: I completely forgot I still had a left over mini hershey bar under my belly until I got home from shooting sets! I didn't even feel it at all. That should give you an idea of how big my belly really is!

Hope you enjoy this set :)

<3 Luscious XOXO

More and More to Measure: Comparing 5 years ago to now!

It's pretty easy to see just by a glance that I'm way fatter now than I was when I first started, but sometimes you just have to see the numbers to really appreciate progress. In this set I am measuring up, and believe me, the numbers are DEFINITELY up. I even included my measurements from my first measuring set so you can see in no uncertain terms just where I've grown the most. Come take a look and let me know what you think!

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More and More to Measure: Comparing 5 years ago to now!

It's pretty easy to see just by a glance that I'm way fatter now than I was when I first started, but sometimes you just have to see the numbers to really appreciate progress. In this set I am measuring up, and believe me, the numbers are DEFINITELY up. I even included my measurements from my first measuring set so you can see in no uncertain terms just where I've grown the most. Come take a look and let me know what you think!

Keep track of all of the Big Cuties at
And see all of my update previews at