Big Cutie Lyla – Big Bellied Bookworm ;)

I was feeling extra nerdy today and came about the idea of how I am in to all sorts of books, and comics for that matter and thought it would be really sexy if I dressed up like the big-bellied bookworm that I am. What would you do if I was your local librarian? I know some of you have already commented on this amazing set and I found it quite cute that some of you were wondering what the punishment would be if you returned a book late... I think a squishing or spanking would be in order hehe. I think another good name for this set would have been lusty librarian, because I really am quite ferociously sexy when I get all turned on about my rolls and weight gain ;)

I do like this look quite a lot and I think it looks even better with my most recent gain... my tummy has gotten so big, and soft, and you can't deny the allure of an ssbbw nerd with glasses, hehe :) Not to mention how big my ass has gotten, as I've been sitting on it, eating snacks, and checkin' out books all day long ;) I love to feel it grow under me, and I know you all wouldn't mind a squishing from this lusty librarian ;) Be sure to check out this latest, probably most sexy provocative set to date, and as always, enjoy! ;)

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