Big Cutie Lyla – Secret Midnight Snacks ;)

Ok, I'll admit it, there is a reason I got so big and fat... and sexy! ;) From time to time I like to "camp out" by the fridge and eat some late night snacks just to make sure that I gain some much needed pounds during my sleep. I always love to lay down, relax, and feel myself stretch and grow all over ;) When it comes to my midnight snacks, I can get quite naughty, I love to hork down cookies, popsicles and of course high-calorie nommy ice cream hehe. When it comes to my gaining nothing turns me on more than eating late at night and adding on calories when I already pigged out all day... something about that just seems so sexy and naughty, and its good for packing on my pounds and expanding my rolls! ;)  The only thing that makes it even sexier is when I'm sneaking the food and people wonder how I'm getting so fat day after day as I'm sneakin mounds of food for my midnight cravings.

I know you all will love this latest set as it shows just how much I can't help myself and how much I get turned on my stuffing my already fat chubby face with more fattening delights. Don't miss out this naughty set and let me know if you would encourage this sneaky fattening habbit if you were with me.. :) Enjoy!

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Lyla :)