Big Cutie Lyla – The Squishing Zone ;)

I would have to say that the best thing about letting myself go is just how BIG I am getting. I take up so much space, I can't fit in movie theater seats and many other public places, and that thought of being so big gets to my head sometimes. Sometimes I just really feel like squishing with all my weight and fat, it makes me feel all the sexier for being so overflowing with fat and enormous ;) Just thinking about a good squishing gets me going... and whenever that happens I like to take all sorts of objects (and people when I can get ahold of them ;) ) and I take them to this perfect sized super soft movable squishing zone. I get my desires of squishing done on this squishing zone and anything that is there will either be pleased beyond belief or wish they had never challenged me to squish them in first place :P When it comes to squishing I get serious, and I get sexy ;)

My favorite squishing fantasy is someone who can't handle all my weight as I munch down food during the squishing session to make myself larger and fatter and even more for them to handle... but that is getting into fantasies I cover quite descriptively in my blog... and if I get more into that who knows how turned on I'll get hehe ;) Anyway, I KNOW you will all enjoy this latest set, so enjoy! :)

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Lyla :)