Lolla Blaze is a messy, ice cream eating princess!

Pear shaped beauty Lolla Blaze settles down for a nice snack of ice cream before bed this week at . No wonder she keeps that ass so fat and those curves so soft and jiggly. And this fatty isn't afraid to get messy either. Licking up the spills is half the fun, especially when it's on her huge tits! Check out all Lolla's amazing sets and dozens of other sexy bbws and ssbbws when you join, and get access to over 10 years of weekly updates. It's the stuff that bbw lovers want. Kisses, REDhottie

PorcelainBBW ~ Vavavoombbw ~ Eeyore Comparison

Hey everyone, this is a recreaton of one of my earliest sets. This set was quite well received and so cute so I thought it deserved an up to date comparison. Here you can see the weight I’ve gained since I started modelling.

This week’s video is me really pigging out on 3 huge subs, each with a different filling. By the end I’m completely stuffed and belly bulging.

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? Big Cutie Margot is a Flirty Fatty! ?

hi sugar!

i’m so excited to share this new set with you! this was one of my favorite ones to shoot so far… i just felt so flirty and feminine in this sheer nightie! maybe it’s because my belly is getting rounder and softer… something i equate with femininity. smooth, soft curves just make me feel like a total woman! i love dressing my big, fat body up in sheer, frilly pretty things and getting all dolled up, and it’s even better when i know you’re watching.

so whaddaya think? wanna kill some time with me?

this new set is live at - and don’t forget to check out my members only blog for exclusive images, videos and ramblings of a hungry fat girl… :P

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xoxo margot

Big Cutie Vallery ~ Post Disneyland Weigh and Measure

My Disneyland trip has come to an end and it’s time to reflect on all the amazing food I ate while I was away! From fudge, cookies, corn dogs, turkey legs and several other snacks throughout the park to the dinners at California Pizza kitchen and PF Changs, I ate my way through the happiest place on earth. I realized that after all this indulging that my clothes were fitting really snug and wanted to weigh and measure myself in front of a huge mirror so you can see every angle of my growing curves.

How much do you think I gained during my trip?

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BigCutie Stephenie :: Big Beautiful Baker

Making yummy, fattening treats is nearly as fun as eating them! Of course I can't help but sneak some of the dough...would you expect any differently from a girl my size? ;) Standing long enough to bake some cookies can even be a I pull up a chair while I wait for them to bake! Side thighs are truly massive.

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Luscious Amazon’s gigantic pear shape: Looks like all those pounds are going to

Luscious Amazon shows where all those gains are going lately as she rocks her growing curves and massive ass at . We've updated her latest bikini gallery to include some very revealing and alluring poses from this flexible young fatty. Lots of amazing pics for the ass and thigh lovers in this one! Rockin' your summer, REDhottie

*Big Cutie Bonnie-My Wonderful Weight gain*

In my new update I reminisce about all the things I used to be able to easily do in my smaller days. For instance, something as simple as being able to cross my legs entirely over one another, or being able to bend over and tie up my shoelaces.
I also talk about my immense weight gain and how I love the feeling of my ever expanding body. I get a bit excited talking about how much I enjoy gaining, stuffing and how feeding turns me on, and what I would like someone to do to me.

Bonnie x0x0x

Preggo Asha Cherry has cravings for lots of pizza!

Asha Cherry is pregnant and hungry, and she had a bad pizza craving. So, we decided to film her devouring a whole pizza at . And in true SSBBWs Gone Wild fashion, we've recorded the hugry growls and rumbles of her stomach as she stuffs herself with pizza. Vore and stomach fetish lovers, look out, cause there's some epic growls here. As she fills her belly, the gurgles and groans give way to thunderous growls and rumbles as her stomach works on all that pizza and soda. And you can really see where all those calories are going too, look at how big her belly has gotten and how low it hangs! Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie

BIGCUTIEDEMI ~ Lovin’ My Brownies

Hey guys!! I thought this was a nice cheery outfit. And of course, brownies always make everything more cheerful! I was lounging around on my couch and eating super moist brownies. I think these brownies went straight to my ass. It's looking rather huge(er) lately! Have ya noticed?


<3 Demi

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Sexy pear Lolla Blaze shows off her finest ass-etts in a hot pink thong!

Yet another great ass shot at from the amazing Lolla Blaze. We posted a new set of this bottom heavy beauty this week in her hot pink thong & top, and of course, it's just chock full of awesome POV booty pics to make the ass lovers drool. Watch Lolla show off her incredible ass and eat ice cream before bed in this hot new set. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

Hot makeout and fat play scene with LadyDreamz &amp; Deja Vu at Redhot Phatgirlz

LadyDreamz & Deja Vu undress each other, cuddle, and make out while playing with each other's big, sexy rolls & jiggly bellies at . If you love your bbws ultra big and ultra cute, then you wont want to miss this one. And remember, your membership always gets you access to all 70+ of our models in exclusive, pro shot content. We've been going strong for over 10 years and continue to add new content each week. It's the place to be for quality bbw adult entertainment. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

~BigCutie MizzPuss in Ample Armchair~

Red just seems to be my colour, doesn't it? In this set you'll see me wearing a brand new red dress that I've been just aching to share with you all. It's all glamour & glitz and it has a rather delicious matching g-string. Then, to make this set even better I squeeze my big fat fabulous oversized rear into a poor regular sized armchair. I’m sure you will enjoy the view.

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BigCutie Baylee in BigMac Attack

Hey there ;)

Big juicey burgers are my FAVORITE! Big Macs make my mouth quiver and I couldn’t eat these burgers fast enough! Watch me attack these burgers. Don’t mind my messy eating or bouncing, I was just too excited ;) 4 big macs are a perfect size snack for this growing girl!

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*BigCutie Aspen is Getting in Round Shape!

I used to actively go to the gym all the time, but things have changed! It’s been ago 8 months or so, but I love these results. Wouldn’t agree? My belly seems to be getting in the way of me working out! I’ve played soccer for years, and stopped recently. I wonder if I could play an entire game still? My belly used to jiggle so much when I ran up and down the field, same with working out. I love the feeling of my boobs smacking up against my belly when working out. Always great fun!

Watch me work these rolls:

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Aspen xo

BigCutie Britt is a Scenic Show-Off

Well hello!  Here I am, just casually strolling around the park, in this bright blue dress, that reminds me very vividly of a dress worn in the movie Willy Wonka ;). Imagine if you were nearby, watching as I slowly let my curves peek out more and more.  Although, I can't always give it all away, so I will let your mind do most of the undressing in this set. ;) More to come in this dress, I'm sure... hehe :p
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Heavier Than Ever

Here is my most recent weigh in and it's a big one!!  My weight has been ballooning out of control recently so every time I step on the scale I'm shocked by how much I've gained.  I couldn't be more than a couple of pounds heavier that last time right? Maybe 5lbs?  Maybe 10?  Maybe more??? Come see for yourself!!  The results may surprise you...

<3 BoBerry
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Lydia Manahan loves to show off her plush curves and massive EE tits

Lydia loves showing off in her cute little shirt and thong at . This is a great update for the boob & belly lovers, Lydia is lookin' good in this little thong, and we've got lots of tempting shots of her plush double belly and amazing EE tits. If you love fatties with big, sexy curves, then Redhot Phatgirlz is the place you wanna be! We've been producing outstanding exclusive BBW content for more than ten years. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

Big Cutie Marilyn- Ferrero Frenzy! :)

Yet another one of my favorite candies is Ferrero Rocher. I cannot get enough of that chocolate and hazelnut coating.The water inside with the creamy chocolate in the middle. YUM. I'm getting hungrier the more I think about it. Along with the chocolates I like to indulge on wine. My other favorite ;) All these candies and chocolates will keep me in shape. Round is a shape, am I right? :)

Cupcakes and Kisses,
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Big Cutie Lyla – Big Balloon Bonanza! ;)

It has been quite a while since the last time I decided to have fun with balloons and I couldn't help myself but to get down to some squishing and squeezing with all my massive new rolls ;) There really is a lot of fun and sexy dominating when it comes to squishing these balloons as flat as they will go. Squishing them in my arms shows off all my sexy arm fat and attempting to rub them all over my rolls is quite the challenge (these days I got a lot of ground to cover, hehe).

I enjoy warping the balloons into shapes a skinny girl could never achieve, its so fun all the amazing activities I can do with all these added pounds ;) So, don't feel shy to take a peek if you are into some serious balloon action, I promise I won't mind if you do ;)

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Loves and noms always,

Lyla :)

BBWFaceHumpers – Nearly 600 Pounds Crush Tiny 90 Pound Odette!

Me and Delicious decided to have a little fun toying with Odette by shoving our big asses in her face.  She is actually being rewarded for worshipping her Mistresses so good.  She LOVES big ass in her face and you can tell she is loving every moment of being smothered and squeezed between two big butts!  The grand finale is the two of us piling on top of Odette...almost 600 pounds of pressure!  You can see her little face turn bright red!  See this update at!

Smothered by Ms Macabre’s fat, cellulite dimpled ass!

New model this week at , Ms Macabre does a bit of facesitting and ass smothering. Mr Sexy admires her fat, jiggly ass, so she decides he needs a good close up look. Maybe her ass will look even better from this angle! Don't miss the hot 14 minute facehumping mini movie when you join, so you can see her grind and work that 300 lbs of booty blubber all over his face. Kisses and licks, REDhottie

LadyDreamz and Deja Vu cuddle and make out on the couch at Redhot Phatgirlz

Don't miss more hot pics of LadyDreamz and girlfriend Deja Vu as they really fill up the couch at . Great set of these two sexy fatties playing with each other's jiggly bellies and fat rolls, kissing and cuddling, and getting playful. That's a whole lot of big, soft, sexy bbw, so join today and don't miss it! Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

What’s White, Gold and Fat All Over? BBW Bond Girl- &quot;Goldie Stact&quot;

So I couldn't help but think of the old Bond movies when I put on this shiny gold swimsuit for a sexy new update this week. It sure was a fun time, showing off my huge voluptuous body in such a public place, and stripping down to nothing but my Massive Belly Apron. Come join me for hot new photos and a sexy video this week at

PorcelainBBW ~ Vavavoombbw ~ Limbering Up!

Come see a fat girl struggle to perform even the most basic stretches and moves! This set really exposes my limitations and the extend of my complete lack of fitness.

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Big Cutie Summer is Fantastically Fat in Fishnet

I have been a very very naughty girl! I nearly forgot to show off these sexy pictures for you! Don't you want to stop by and check them out? I'll leave this preview here for you... but I think you'll see I'm like a box of cookies... can't just stop at one, you'll want to devour every image you can find! ;)


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? Big Cutie Margot is a Fitness Fatty! ?


fitness fatty.. god, what a joke! who am i kidding?! it's no secret that i'm out of shape. the hills around my apartment are enough to knock me out, and stairs are, as always, the enemy... but this set really made me feel it! it only took a few simple yoga stretches and i was sore for days to come!

still, i'm pretty flexible, for a fatty... and my butt looks pretty good in a downward dog. oh well. i guess i'll have to continue to worship the temple that is my body with my favorite snacks, and leave the yoga to someone else.

this new set is up now at, and don't forget to check out the babe squad at the free bigcuties blog!


BigCutie Ellie &quot;Polka Dot Treat&quot;

What better way to make the tummy grow than to stuff it full of treats! I love treats almost as much as I love my super size, soft squishy belly! If I keep eating like this it is going to keep growing!

In this video I do a Twinkie stuffing! They are so good that I could never stop at just one.  I greedily devour so many Twinkies that I am just ready to burst! Any offers for a belly rub?  I can always use a good rub after a good snack!

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,


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Bi weekly update.. Does this make me look fat?

Just updated to is a hot retro set of photos of me in one of my all time favorite party dress's.  I love the way this dress hugs my every nook and cranny.  I dare not even think of wearing panties with it because you would be able to see them from at least a mile away on this fat ass.  Come to and enjoy these dangerous curves

*NEW SET* Big Cutie Bambi in ‘Measure Up!’

Hey Dolls,

It’s about time I have a set out all about measuring this plump big plump body!
Watch as I take measurements of everything from my wrists to my ankles and of course that big fat booty!

Check out that tape wrapped around my fat rolls!

I hope you enjoy this set as much as I enjoyed making it for you!

Love Bambi xx

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Bigcutie Veelynn – Fat Chat 2

Hey guys!

So it's been a while since my last fat chat, so I thought I'd pull out my camera and give you another look at my fat life. I talk about things like shopping for clothes, my favorite restaurants, fitting into cars, stairs vs. elevators and more. Hope you enjoy this peek into my life as a fat chick.

Peace Out Boy Scouts,

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New model Ms Macabre can smother a man beneath her bulging belly rolls

Ms Macrabre makes her debut on this week, and she was feeling a bit dominant, so she decided to smother Mr Sexy beneath her fat ass and soft, bulging belly. But that's ok, he's an ass man, so he dosen't complain too much about being smothered beneath all that soft, flabby goodness. In fact, he rather likes having her 300 lbs of booty bouncing and grinding on his face til he's gasping for air. He takes her full weight like a trooper in this set, enjoying being trapped beneath her soft body and crushing weight. Great 14 minute facehumping mini movie with this set lets you watch Ms Macabre get off while riding his face. Rockin' your fat fetish world, one fat girl at a time, REDhottie

Busty beauty Lydia Manahan’s flabby double belly and huge tits

Lydia Manahan is looking busty and babe-a-licious in a cute halter top and thong at this week. This is a great set for big boob lovers as she plays with and shows off her massive EE tits. As always, we've got lots of great close ups and camera angles that will make you drool. So drop by the site and check out the whole set when you join, and get access to dozens of curvy cuties and big, bulging beauties. It's the place to be for Quality BBW adult entertainment. Kisses, REDhottie