BigCutie Veelynn – Ladder of Goodies

The concept for this set was a little patchwork-y, but I think it turned out in my favor. I have this old ladder as a prop and while that was cute I thought, "What could make this even better?" So I decided to cover it with goodies and snacks. That instantly took the set from good to awesome! Candy bars and lemon bars with delicious raspberry iced tea. Luckily I am tall enough I don't need to actually climb this old rickety ladder. If I did I think it would end in disaster!

I also show off just how much my belly is hanging now and days. It is so ample that I can actually hide 2 full cans of Pepsi under it and nobody would be the wiser! I even am able to stand up and they'll stay put. I just love how pudgy I look in this set. My belly is so cute and squishable. If nothing else this set is just pure fat cuteness.

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