Lolla Blaze rubs her massive, stuffed belly to make room for more eggrolls

Don't miss Lolla Blaze's eggroll stuffing set this week at as this hungry fatty stuffs deep fried eggrolls into her mouth double fisted! As she starts to get full, she rubs her soft, flabby belly gently to make room for more, as her stomach growls and gurgles in happy digestion. Great POV shots in this set let you get up close and personal with her massive thighs, huge tits, and enormous, jiggly rolls. And the 13 minute mini movie gets you front & center while she stuffs her face, and lets you experience the gurgles and growls of her bloated stomach as it works on all that greasy food and soda. Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie.