Big Cutie Summer: Oil & Trouble

You've seen me rub my luxurious soft squishy fat with lotion, but this time I've kicked it up a notch. I think you might want to stop by to see how sexy this oil likes to get with my plentiful fat folds. It kinda had a mind of it's own ;) Just sort of finding it's way into the nooks and crannies of my plush body.

I certainly enjoyed pouring it over the hills and valleys, and even rubbing it in, too. I just think the most fun was the tickles it caused finding it's own way wherever it wanted to go, hehe. Find your way over to and see what I mean!


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*Naughty in Nylons*

Sensual, sexy, salacious stockings! Don’t they amplify the softness of my huge fat filled legs? Paired with tiny high heels and a super tight vivacious red spandex and nylon dress, I felt like a total siren. Complete seduction and submission of your willpower, unable to resist me, is what I want. Have I succeeded?

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Big Cutie Margot’s Fat Vanity!

Hii loves!

This fun set was actually a request from an amazing fan, and I had so much fun fulfilling it! It was the perfect opportunity for me to examine the results of all the food I’ve been eating lately - and I felt so sexy to see the results! My belly looks and feels much fuller, and my ass and thighs are bigger than ever.

In the video, you get to watch me inspect my body in the mirror as I talk about how big I'm getting and how much I like it...but still, it's not enough!

Come check me out as I check myself out… I hope you enjoy!

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BigCutie Miley is Measuring up and Weighing in!

I guess I really shouldn't be that surprised that after I hopped on the scale during one of my weekly weigh ins, it was already time to celebrate my biggest milestone yet! Even with my last weigh in not too long ago, my royal lifestyle has made me pack on even more pounds. I guess when you spend most of your time snacking and bossing everyone else around, you balloon pretty easily! ;)  To celebrate, I go into the room that made it all possible with a measuring tape to flaunt and tease you with my fat and super plush, jiggly body!  I'm taking bets on where has grown the money is on the belly :p

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BigCutie Echo~ Sitting Peachy

There is nothing better than lounging around the house in your undies. Just letting all the fats an squishy parts jiggle and wiggle all around the house. I am the Queen of my Fat house! And I like to lounge like a queen.

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GAINER FATTY Natasha is back!!

********GRAND OPENING*********

SSBBW Fatasha Is Open!!!!

I am back from a hiatus and ready to share my fat,growing body with all of you again.

It is long overdue as i am a Super Sized Fatty that LOVES to share my weight gaining with everyone.

During my hiatus i never stopped gaining! It has been a slow gaining process for me as my activity
level continues to be a little too high! I am single and ready to mingle.I am looking for my forever
feeder. I need love and companionship just as much as i need to be fed and fattened!!

Inside my new site you will find plenty of different videos and pictures. I have acquired many different
interests with age. For Example:
Pantyhose Play
Face Sitting
Lap Sitting
And Many Others!

If you have any requests for me you may email me at !

I am very happy to have a site again so i can share my huge and growing body with you guys.

I think I have definitely plumped nicely up during my hiatus! You will love it as much as i do i am sure!!



PorcelainBBW ~ Vavavoombbw ~ 2014 Round Up

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Yellow top almost too small.


Put on a new yellow top, had to squeeze my 44 DDD boobs in it.
The tie string did a pretty good job of not letting them bust out.
But I let them out any way.
That along with tight pants that you can almost see through,
made my shape really come out in all the right places with all the right curves.
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Have a great day
Love Cajun

Big Cutie Trysta ~ Shimmer and Shake

I think my new shimmery skirt is a little short, or else my enormous booty is in the way! Can you see my tight little pink underwear? I don’t even have to bend over, but I will anyway! Come watch me shimmer and shake all my fat and flab for you.

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BigCutie Aspen – Outgrowing my Uniform!

This is a second instalment where I showcase my dream job. This time, watch as I struggle into my once fitting uniform and give the seams a run for their money    ;D

Ever noticed the cute fat girl behind the counter of a McDonald’s, she’s living her hungry girl dream job! This job has helped me gained over 100lbs over the past few years. Gotta love my discount and the days when I get free food. I rarely go without a day when I’m not eating from work, even on my days off. I’m so close to popping out of my uniform, maybe a few more burgers will do the trick  ;)

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Big Cutie Lyla – Fabulously Fatter ;)

You know that feeling when you just let yourself go and truly feel like you are starting to become the big fatty you've always desired...starting with the first intentional stuffing of my face to gain weight... well I am starting to feel like it now ;) I feel sexier than ever before and it only makes me want to stuff my face more. Check out my latest HD video and pics as I show off my latest gains, am more confident than ever before, all well stuffed into an old lingerie that used to be loose on me hehe. What is even sexier is comparing how this lingerie fits me in this set to older sets that I've worn it in ;) Out growing my clothes only makes me want to get bigger and only makes me flaunt my fat and rolls even more, so watch out guys this fabulous fatty ain't done yet and I hope you all find me ravishing in this latest and BIGGEST set ;) Enjoy!

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Loves and noms always,

Lyla :)

BigCutie Stephenie :: Taco Belle

I can be found sitting in the car, scarfing down food that I wasn't able to wait long enough to get home to eat, pretty much any given night. I eat fast food for nearly every meal because, most often, I'm far too lazy to be bothered with cooking. In this video I pack down one of my favorite fast food meals! And, as a bonus, you get to watch me struggle a little bit with reaching my straw, from over my huge boobies! #fatgirlproblems

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Nixx is Your Sexy Smokin Seductress!! Update 422!

Nixx Is Your Sexy Smoking Seductress!!  My photographer and I went to a local park to take photos but we picked a busy day.  The park crew were working on a monument behind us, but that didn't stop me.  Join My Site Today, and Cum watch as I get Naughty on the picnic tables! xoxoxoxoxo

Underwater Wobble

I've been wanting to shoot an underwater video for so long! I finally had the chance and it turned out better than I had hoped. :) Underwater, my fat moves and floats hypnotically. I love the way you can see every inch of me jiggle, and how soft and slippery my body feels!

<3 BoBerry

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BigCutie Baylee in Funnel Fun

Hi lovlies!

I’ve been working really hard on my goals this month!!! Can you tell?!? Nothing makes you fatter faster than some heavy cream =) What better way to do it than funneling? I had so much fun with this chocolate, heavy cream shot of pleasure! My belly was nice and full when I was done! Don’t miss this one ;)

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~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ Mermaid Legs

With her new thick, heavy, beautifully fat legs, the newly-human Mermaid Princess takes herself (and her big new legs!) out for a test-walk...walking and jumping (and jiggling) along the rocks as you watch and follow her. Then, it's off to the lake for her to kick and splash her new big, goddess-like body in the water from once she came...

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BBWFaceHumpers – Yoga Gone Wrong – Full Weight Squashing!!

Me, Delicious and Sofia Rose recently took a private yoga class but it ended up being a squashing extravaganza!!!  The instructor was being really hard on us, making us work our we decided to give HER core a good workout...with out massive booties!!!  Check it out at

Also, you can check out the preview video on Youtube here:

Big Cutie Vallery ~ Tight Clothes Try On

I recently was in my closet packing for an upcoming trip, and realized there were a lot of clothes in there that I hadn’t worn in a really long time. So I decided to bring them out, and see just how small they’ve gotten on my big growing body. From jeans to shirts, these clothes are getting TIGHT. Come see how I’ve out grown so many of my clothes and just how big my belly is getting!

Time for some bigger clothes,

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BigCutie Ellie devours &quot;Pounds of Pancakes&quot;

After a long night of girl talk while visiting with my good friend Lola, I was starved.  My huge hungry belly was so empty and growled loudly to be fed. She heard it's cries for something yummy and headed to the kitchen.  Soon the house was full of the most amazing smells of sausage and I could not wait to be served.

She filled my plate so high with about 18 or more pancakes.  I love peanut butter with my pancakes so I slathered it on and drowned the pancakes in syrup. I even doused my 8 sausages in syrup too.  I dove right into the amazingness before me and stuffed my belly to the max in this picture set and video.

The pancakes were perfection and I ate pounds of them!  After eating so many pancakes I had to rub my belly to make more room! My super huge belly just begged to be free! It was so full and tight.

Hope you enjoy!

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,


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*Big Cutie Bonnie-Ultra Violet Beauregarde PART 2!*

Here is finally is, after months of waiting, the morphed version of my violet Beauregarde set! I hope you all enjoy seeing me grow into a massive blueberry! I become so huge that I am in desperate need to be juiced before I explode into a gooey mess!
I absolutely love this set and I hope you do too!!! <3

Bonnie x0xx

JUICY JACQULYN ~ Hot to the Touch

I love the feel of skin tight clothes.
The way it clings to my rolls, hugging every inch of my soft, massive body.
The way the fabric stretches the bigger I get.
How the seams groan in protest each time I bend and move around the room.
I tried on some brand new leggings, in my usual size,
and to my surprise they felt as if I was squeezing myself into leggings 2 sizes too small.
The feeling of almost bursting out of my clothes was such an incredible turn on;
it makes me want to find some that are even smaller.


JUICY JACQULYN ~ Cotton Candy Kiss

I love love love LOVVVVEEEE cotton candy! I recently found some in a local shop, and was so excited to try it out. What first started out as "hmmm, I wonder if this will be good?", quickly turned into a total snack fest, with me shoving as much cotton candy into my mouth as I could!
All that food stuffing got me thinking about how fucking sexy it would be to have someone just stuff my face with food until I couldn't move, and could only mumble soft moans through a full mouth. Mmm.
This video is super casual, and you get to see me enjoy so much sugar, laugh, roll around on a bed that I sink into, and chat with a friend. I hope you love it as much as I loved making it!


Bigcutie Veelynn – All That Glitters…

My fluffy frame is slick with baby oil, highlighting every peak on my bod. Stars clinging to my moist skin, glinting and sparkling in the light, only doing more to highlight my curves. Perhaps my body is like the night sky, its nearly as endless as the heavens are. But debatably just as enjoyable as stargazing. So take your time, find all the constellations, what's even better? You can feel them under your fingertips.

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Big Cutie Trysta ~ Lunchtime Lounger

Want to join me for lunch? My bottoms won’t contain me for long after my poolside lunch and I’m letting all my flab hang out. Won’t you join me for my chow down? It’s only an appetizer because I’m the main course!

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