Big Cutie Lyla – Beam Me Up Fatter! ;)

It is no mystery to all of you that I absolutely love gaining (you can see the sexy results!) ;) It should also probably not be much of a mystery that I am a super nerd... I'm pretty sure I was watching star trek before I was even born lol. Anyway though, it would be a dream of mine that if I ever got beamed up that it first teleported me to a room full of pies, soda, and all sorts of high calorie foods, and everytime I beam up I get out even fatter with another 50 pounds hanging off of my already enormous ssbbw body ;) So check me out as I pose with all my newly gained curves in this latest sexy nerd set. Don't be surprised if I decide to hide some of my props under my tummy, its just too easy now with all that extra tummy hangin ;) I know you will all enjoy these naughty nerdy pics and my full length HD video, so enjoy! :)

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Lyla :)