Big Cutie Lyla – Burger Binge! ;)

Its obvious that I love stuffing myself and eating lots of food (even though I'm already so fat and have gained so much). And most of the time you guys see me stuff in the comfort of my home, because I am super lazy. But I figured it was time to get some drive thru, order a double burger to make up for the calories of walking to my car and stuff my face in a public parking lot ;) I am starting to breath heavy sometimes just eating and the crazy thing is that turns me on to eat even more and shove the food in I would seriously be in trouble if I had all the money I needed... I am pretty sure I would hit my dream weight goals and more quicker than I knew it (I'd hardly be able to move hehe). Anyway, this is getting me just a little too turned on right now, but I know you will all enjoy this latest long video set of mine! Love you all :) - And my food!

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Lyla :)