BigCutie Ellie devours "Pounds of Pancakes"

After a long night of girl talk while visiting with my good friend Lola, I was starved.  My huge hungry belly was so empty and growled loudly to be fed. She heard it's cries for something yummy and headed to the kitchen.  Soon the house was full of the most amazing smells of sausage and I could not wait to be served.

She filled my plate so high with about 18 or more pancakes.  I love peanut butter with my pancakes so I slathered it on and drowned the pancakes in syrup. I even doused my 8 sausages in syrup too.  I dove right into the amazingness before me and stuffed my belly to the max in this picture set and video.

The pancakes were perfection and I ate pounds of them!  After eating so many pancakes I had to rub my belly to make more room! My super huge belly just begged to be free! It was so full and tight.

Hope you enjoy!

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,


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