BigCutie Miley is a Country Cutie!

You probably don't know that I grew up in a big family, there were a lot of mouths to feed at dinner and miracously I ended up with more than enough to eat. In fact, I grew up with tons of different sides and options for meals, the only thing bigger than my selection were the portions they were served in. One of the biggest things to adjust to after moving out was how small individualized sized portions were, haha! So, every once in a while (well, more of than I care to admit!), I'll go out craving the endless options I was so accusomted to, and then come home to stuff my face properly! Nothing makes me feel more indulgent or more spoiled than have tons of food sprawled out in front of me, so in this update I give you a genuine peek into what it's like to have your girl come home with all of her favorite dishes, ready to graze. The fuller I get, the more my clothes come off and I can't help to show off what all my hard work has done to me :p

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