Big Cutie Margot’s First Weigh-In!

Hi everyone! I was so excited to finally replace the scale that broke during my move from NYC to Western PA! The last few months, I’ve been greedier and lazier than ever! My insatiable appetite was really starting to show as I’ve been having to size up in some of my favorite clothes - I’ve grown out of everything to my best jeans to my bathing suit top! I knew it was time to finally get on that scale and find out what exactly I weigh. I’m a little off in my estimate, and VERY pleasantly surprised! I think you’ll be as excited as I am when you see the number on that scale!

This video is up now at, AND, don't forget to check my blog... I've just added 10 photos of me trying on and showing off some new favorite clothes just for you all! (Hit up while you're at it!)

I hope you enjoy, I'm happy to have you all on this exciting journey with me, yay!

xoxo margot