BIGCUTIEDEMI ~ Cannolis: They do a body good!

Hey guys!! We all know how much I LOVVVVEEEEEE cannoli’s, right?! In case you forgot, I think cannoli’s are responsible for quite a few lumps and bumps on my ass & thighs!

 I usually make my own cannoli cream, but I couldn’t resist the prepared cream in the bag. It was SO easy and scrumptious! Before I knew it, I was just eating the creamy chocolate chip confection right out of the bag! Who needs shells anyway, right? Take a look for yourself!

Also, I must have missed this other update somehow! I could NOT make up my mind what I wanted to snack on for the night, but I knew I HAD to have that cheesecake!! I also decided on (what turned out to be scrumptious) cream cheese dip for fruit, and pretzels to also dip in the dip. I was definitely in fat girl, snack heaven! Oh, and let's not forget my super cute Wonder Woman pajamas!!


<3 Demi

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