My Gaining Diet

I love the holiday season, especially for the food! Seasonal sweets are my weakness...eggnog, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, I just can't resist! I've switched out Half and Half for milk to really help pack on the pounds- and it shows! Milk does a body good, but Half and Half does a body better! I can't believe the kind of gains I've been seeing. All these treats on top of my strict full-fatty diet is bound to see the biggest results! Fat chat, belly rub, jiggling and washing down delicious half and half...

BigCutie CaitiDee’s Gobble Gobble ~ Thanksgiving Feast!

Obviously Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for us fatties. Family, friends, and food! My family had all my favorites this year... There was nothing I didn't eat. I want to do it again!! Come see me gobble down my own feast of favorites. :)

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Big Belly Boudoir ~ Big Cutie Ellie

Welcome to my boudoir! In this set I invite you into my bedroom and give you all the big belly you could ask for and dream of. I put on some beautiful silky purple lingerie in this set but, my belly is so HUGE that it is popping out all over the place.  This little lacey purple skirt can not contain all of this super size girl.  I love the way these thigh highs feel on my legs.  They are silky, smooth, and they get trapped in place by my low hanging belly when I am on the bed.

This bed is pretty big and comfy so I decide to roll around a bit and play with the camera.  I think this is one of my favorite sets ever!  I just love my big beautiful soft curves look in this set.  My belly has grown a bit and it is super massive! I had an excellent photographer and he really managed to shoot me from every angle.

All that camera play can make a girl hot though so I thought I would do a fun little strip tease for you and really show off the curves.  I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think.  I love hearing from you.

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,


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BigCutie Echo~ Huge Nerd

It is well known by now I am a HUGE Nerd. Everything from games, movies, anime and manga. Come see me indulge in all my favorite things. I got myself a little treat for my last birthday. Something that I can enjoy from bed while enjoying multiple snacks to make more plush and soft

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Big Cutie Marilyn- Beefin’ Up ;)

Sometimes I like to sit down with a glass of sangria and have a nice big juicy steak. I love love love how fully my belly gets when I feast on a heavy dinner. I fill up till there is only a tiny bit or room because I have to have I have to same some room for a nice slice of pie. ;)

This fat girl definitely knows how a thing or two about beefin' up and filling out! I am pretty sure by now you'll agree. ;)

Cupcakes and Kisses,
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Fatasha Raids the Fridge!! or is updated with 40+ photos and a nice 2 minute video!

I am raiding the fridge in this photo set! I love this picture set for the fact that it showcases
all my beautiful and creamy fat rolls! Just so seems that i had a pan of Key Lime Cheesecake bars
and some pepperoni and cheese. i just like to randomly snack on these things because they are easy
...and fattening! I can just reach for them and stuff myself silly! I really need to find my forever
feeder so i can just lay around immobile and eat all the time!
The video shows me having some of my snacks!

I think you will love this photo set+ Video.

Starting Friday Dec. 5th in my next update i will be gearing my media towards my gaining journey
which will show lots of eating. Also, I will be doing a lot more squashing and wrestling. That type
of thing! So i do hope you will join me. Have a nice Holiday season y'all! Love,Fatasha

Mistress Vallery and Kinky Kendal Use Odette as a Footstole

Mistress Vallery and Kinky Kendal are relaxing and sharing stories of their most recent sessions with their subs. But these two curvy goddesses are only comfortable when their feet are resting on the back of tiny pathetic sub Odette. Watch as Odette struggles to hold the weigh of their legs as the two mistresses complete ignore her as they make themselves comfortable.

More than a mouthful??? just updated a hot new set of pictures AND video of me stuffing my face FULL of cookies.  You guys know how much I LOVE cookies and I LOVE stuffing my face.  This set is sure to please even the tiniest feeder in you with my big bites and how many cookies I actually put away.  Come to and enjoy watching me feed myself.  Next time, I want you to be there too.

~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ 400 Fat Talk

Hello there all my darlings! You all have been here with me throughout all these years, as I've grown from a plump young girl into a full, fat, voluptuous goddess of a woman. You've been here during my entire weight-gain journey, you've seen me slowly grow and grow...

Now that I've finally reached that epic 400 pound mark, I decided to make a video (diary-style) talking about my weight gain, my weight gain journey, my thoughts and feelings on my weight gain and my body, what I was thinking and feeling as I was gaining weight, how it happened, and of course - show off my gorgeoussss body for you!

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Courtney <3

Big Cutie Vallery ~ Fries Before Guys

I recently went clothing shopping (I needed bigger sizes!) and I ran across this fun t-shirt that says “Fries Before Guys.” It was just so cute and to be honest, the mention of fries made me SO hungry for my favorite fast food French fries. Join me as I model my new, and very tight shirt while I lazily lounge on the couch and stuff my face with some greasy McDonalds French fries.

On second thought, how about some fries WITH a guy? After all, I need someone to rub my belly when it’s full :)

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*Big Cutie Bonnie-Massive Macaroni Meal*

As some of you will remember in my Halloween set I stuffed myself full of 2 trays of mac 'n' cheese, however this was not enough to satisfy my vast appetite and I wished I would have stuffed with much much more!
And as you may also know, I adore my food challenges! Haha :D
I love to set myself a food stuffing target and decide that next time I must aim to eat much more than the previous time.
Luckily this time, I had bought bigger trays of mac 'n' cheese and decided to stuff 3 into my fat belly, with each one consisting of a staggering 800 calories! I was so full and stuffed after and my belly grew to an enormous swollen size! I cannot wait to repeat this challenge and next time eat 5 trays instead of 3!! :D

Bonnie x0x0x

Bulging Retro Update. just updated a some super sexy pictures of me for a little while back where I am really bulding out of my extra tight clothes.  So if you can appreciate a website that updated 2 times per week with sexy super hot photos of all you fantasies you could come on over and check this one out.  There is eating, bulging and lots of full on skin for your viewing pleasure.  Come as quick as possible to and enjoy the fun.

BigCutie Brianna- &quot;Vintage Vixen&quot; &amp; SURPRISE WEIGH-IN!!!

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These pics are to die for! ;) ;) ;)

Surprise Weigh-In for my Members!!
Also this week,
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It's going to leave you saying, "She weighs HOW MUCH?!?"

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BigCutie Britt’s Maxi-mum Capacity!

Hey ;) Since you know how much I love tight dresses that emphasize my curves, I decided to jiggle into this ultra-tight and see-through maxi dress.  With my curves exposing themselves in every which way, I feel as though I have reached maximum capacity... in this dress anyway.  ;)
 + a new blog post to enjoy!! :)


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Big Cutie Margot’s Cookie Cravings!

Hi loves! I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate chip cookies. I had the day off, so I decided to let myself indulge in some gooey, warm, freshly baked cookies. Even though I am an excellent eater, I’m not the best at cooking or baking hehe, so I need your encouragement!

Come hang out with me in my short shorts while I try my best at baking some instant cookies! They weren’t perfect, but they were still yummy! I loved eating a big stack of them, gooey and warm fresh from the oven, washed down with cool delicious milk. The best part of eating cookies and milk is the belly rub that comes after, hehe.

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Tube Top Tubby w/Big Cutie Summer

Tube Top Tubby w/Big Cutie Summer

Oof, what a weekend. I was partying it up big time with my bff. So glad I have today to recover. It's actually the end of the day for most people, but I spent all day just lounging in bed falling in and out of sleep while suckling a giant bottle of water in hopes of hydration being the therapy I needed, hah! Eventually though I had to get up and act human. My belly was growling and so it was time for the fooding to begin. I ate so much last night though, that I'm sure I won't need much to be satisfied... maybe just a couple sandwiches, hehe.


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Big Cutie Lyla – Big Burrito Binge! ;)

If you guys haven't been able to tell already... I love to eat, and I love to overstuff myself to the extreme. It is how I have gotten as fat, huge, and flabby as I am today ;) So I decided to get myself a MEGA breakfast burrito and devour it in a video showing off my most recent gains (which you can definitely tell I've packed on some more rolls and pounds). I may get slightly turned on too as the food is devoured and makes its way into my huge belly... I just can't help it and I don't know if I can ever stop stuffing myself or gaining. I feel so naughty! Get in on all the action in the full 8+ minute HD video. I know you guys will all enjoy, and throw some encouragement my way, I love it ;)

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New GAINER on the scene1

Hey there! Im Raven,
im new to the site! so i figured i introduce myself and say a few words about me :)

Im a Model on cam/photos and videos! im one of the newest Diamond X Dolls for DiamondXMedia!
im also a Gainer im working on packing on the pounds to get a fluffy tum and getting a plump rump :) Im 26 years old and i currently reside is sunny southern California!
Anywho, ive got my website launching very soon soo ill be posting updates and pictures and what not.. So look out for all that!
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BigCutie Stephenie :: Fattiversary

I can't believe I've already been back for a year! Celebrating by digging my chubby fingers into a fluffy, pink cake was one of the best ideas I've had in a long while. I'll admit I was somewhat apprehensive about eating with my hands...but once I grabbed a couple fistfuls I realized how very efficient it is. I may have gotten a little carried away because by the time I was done, my hair, boobs and belly were coveredddd in crumbs. Not to mention the frosting all over my fingers...but that was pretty easy to remedy ;) Happy Fattiversary to me!

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*BigCutie Jae in Too Tiny Furniture*

You all should know by now, my body is not too kind to furniture.
This dining room set is no exception.
I hardly can fit on one chair comfortably to enjoy a large meal....
...might as well use two!

Is it too tiny furniture or just my HUGE ass?

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<3 Jae

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Big Cutie Trysta ~ Gaining My Stripes!

So many growing and gaining curves and they’re all accentuated in black and white chubby chevrons and hefty horizontal hues. Join me for some tiny dress stretching and squeezing while I finish off with a belly and body lotion massage.

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Sasha~ Growing Girl

I found my old corset I wore in a set when I first started modeling for BigCuties and what else would I do but take comparison photos! First of all I barely got into this sucker. I had to open up the back so much more, pull, tug and jiggle around just to get it "on". Well as you can see in some of the pictures I have long since grown out of it. I hope you love the side by sides to show you just how my nicely my body has filled out. Enjoy :)

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,

BigCutie Miley: Supersized Souvenir

If you saw my last update, you will remember my story about going into the pastry shop and showing everyone just how greedy one girl can be.  I wanted a way to remember how great of a trip I had but didn't want to buy normal souvenirs like the rest of my friends. I wanted to put a little Miley twist on it. The only way to properly show your appreciation for such a great vacation is to leave with a few extra pounds, that will be proudly shown off forever! So this update is all about showing me in my gluttonous glory, eating all those dense and decadent pastries and parading a proud stuffed belly :)

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Eliza Allure Teaches Vallery to Trample

Goddess Eliza has a pathetic sub that loves to have her trample all over his weak pathetic body, and she can't wait to show Vallery how much he loves to be crushed by big fat girls. These two sexy BBWs own him by jumping, butt dropping, crushing, and trampling him in heels. This sub is going to be sorry he agreed to be underneath these two massive beauties. See the rest of this session at

~BigCutie MizzPuss in The Jeans Jiggle~

I FOUND JEANS THAT FIT ME! (well kinda fit me – They are ridiculously super tight) One thing that the super mega mc fats struggle with is finding jeans that fit. I haven’t worn a pair of jeans in years. At least 120KGS/265 pounds ago. They are the biggest size pants I could find. A size 48 Long. Even though they have stretch in them, I still completely struggle to get them on, they are so tight I can barely breathe. But damn it, I just look so sexy in them, so pop over to my site and watch me struggle and do the jeans jiggle trying to squish all my fats in them. xXx

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Big Cutie Leah is a Bedtime Beauty

I am such a lazy fatty! My favorite time of day, after meal times of course, is bedtime. I love getting to wear cute pjs (or nothing at all) and stretching out, rubbing all of my fat, listening to soft music, and sleeping. And my bed is so comfy thanks to all the pillows and the fluffy comforter that I have such a difficult time leaving it each morning. The only thing that could make bedtime even better is if you were here to cuddle with me!

xoxo Leah

Duchess Before and After Stay with Vallery WEIGH IN

Duchess has come to stay with Vallery for a few days, and Vallery has some BIG food plans for the two of them. So Vallery decides to weigh Duchess when she first gets to Vallery's house to see what her starting point is. Then 3 days later, Vallery and Duchess are back to discuss all their amazing eats and splurges, and Duchess weighs again to see if Vallery;s influence has made an impact on Duchess' weight. Did Duchess gain? And if so, how much do you think she did?