*Big Cutie Bonnie-Massive Macaroni Meal*

As some of you will remember in my Halloween set I stuffed myself full of 2 trays of mac 'n' cheese, however this was not enough to satisfy my vast appetite and I wished I would have stuffed with much much more!
And as you may also know, I adore my food challenges! Haha :D
I love to set myself a food stuffing target and decide that next time I must aim to eat much more than the previous time.
Luckily this time, I had bought bigger trays of mac 'n' cheese and decided to stuff 3 into my fat belly, with each one consisting of a staggering 800 calories! I was so full and stuffed after and my belly grew to an enormous swollen size! I cannot wait to repeat this challenge and next time eat 5 trays instead of 3!! :D



Bonnie x0x0x