Big Cutie Brianna- Big Bikini Babe!

Can we please have a moment of silence to
appreciate how hot my backfat is?

When I look at this update, I can really see how much I've gained has had such an impact on my body.
I've always had back rolls for as long as i can remember, but recently since gaining my last 100+, they have really
just hit a new level of huge-ness. They're so plush, and protrude out from my body so far. I never thought I'd
look *and feel* this fat. And its so hot

Anyways, If you have an affinity for girls over 500 pounds,
in reaaaally small bikini's,
then you might just want to head on over to

And along with the 60 pics, there will be a 5+ minute video jiggling
my HUGE 40 inch thighs in the bathtub, and jiggling my fabulous belly.


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