Fatty Frenemies

Vallery is in the kitchen setting up a large platter of donuts for a tasty afternoon snack when her much smaller roommate Raven comes into see what she is up to. Vallery starts to tell her that she was just about to indulge in her tasty snack when Raven tells Vallery that she's just too fat to be eating like that. Raven on the other hand has the body to eat whatever she wants and will stay slim and sexy, and starts to eat Vallery's donuts. A few weeks later, Vallery is celebrating her birthday with some cake when Raven interrupts. This time Raven is wearing a little bit baggier clothes and appears to not be as small as she used to be. But she still tells Vallery that she has no business eating all that cake and that she should give it all to her. A few more weeks later, Vallery catches Raven in the kitchen, eating all of their appetizers for their pool party. Raven has clearly gained a lot of weight and no longer has her skinny "sexy" body anymore. Vallery can't help but tease Raven about her added weight and decides to help hand feed her to make her even fatter. .*This video was a custom order! Order your own and have Vallery make your fantasies a reality by emailing valleryvixen at gmail* http://clips4sale.com/54297/12635131