JUICY JACQULYN ~ Royal Bulge & more

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~ Royal Bulge ~
I’m feeling lush and royal in my velvet top and gold jewellery.
When one has a goddess sized body, it’s almost rude not to flaunt it to the world.

~ Campfire Cutie ~
I love the new fire pit at the chalet; it means hot dogs and marshmallows whenever I want! There’s one downside though. There are 4 chairs that sit around it, but when I try to squeeze into them, I just don’t fit and they shake and almost break, so I have to sit in this extra wide camping chair that holds up to 500lbs. I wonder how accurate that really is, or how long I’ll be able to fit into it!

~ Fat & Fiery ~
I always feel extra fat and fierce when I wear things that are just a little too small for me. My huge ass just cannot be contained by my skin tight leggings, but that's no problem, since I much prefer to be naked anyways.