BigCutie Miley: Bedside Manner

I love dressing up for you and in this set, I did just that. I saw that one of my favorite stores sold size fat lingerie and I had to give it a try. Being as big as I am, I know that pretty soon I will be outgrowing most stores, even ones that claim to have clothes big enough to cover all of me up, and this was no exception! I ordered the biggest size and it was still too small! I fell in love with the way my belly pokes out from underneath this highwaisted garter, begging to be grabbed, played with and adored. But the real treat was seeing how much it showed off how well I've filled out, from my thick and strong thighs, to my growing, shelfing ass. I know you'll love to see me spill out of this outfit and I know you'll love it even more when it completely comes off

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