Fit vs Fat – FAT wins!

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I have a brand new clip over at as well as where there's unlimited streaming on all of my 494 videos. I add new ones every week so don't miss out  <3 Star

New clips you'll find *ssbbw vs bbw jiggles, if you gain weight then I'll get even fatter, big fat naughty secret fantasy*

The first time I walk in I'm on a diet and just got back from the gym. I'm not a very happy camper and I don't like my new diet. As you can tell, I look miserable eating these wheat thins and I really crave something else. But since I'm fat, I'll never find the prince charming I seek unless I get a slimmer body. The second time I walk in I'm eating calorie filled greasy pizza and as you can tell I'm much happier! I've met somebody online that loves my fat body and I've quit dieting. Not only that but I've actually started getting FATTER and gaining weight for him...

My website had a new photo update plus a 14 minute webcam show added. My newest weigh in will also be added in a couple days 
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