Revenge of the fatty – Get me pregnant or else + first webcam show for member’s

Why hello there, how are things going? I hope you have an amazing Friday! I'm going to be doing some videos today and I'd LOVE to bring your fantasies to life. If you have a request just email me at

I have a few new videos over at but I thought I'd share this sexy revenge one first. Take a peek at that as well as many other great videos <3 Star

My first member's only webcam show is TONIGHT at 8 P.M eastern time. I also have two weekly updates in the form of photo and video at

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I recognized your name right away when I saw you were a member of my site. I remember everything about you and your wife from back in high school, how cruel you used to be to me. How she used to come over to me in the locker room and call me a fat pig and tell me how nobody would want me. Well I guess somebody does and that somebody is her jock husband that secretly talks to me behind her back...