StarStruckFox – Finally 400+ weigh in & measurements

Hey there! how is your weekend going? Mine went fantastic. I went to the buffet and also to Applebee's so I've been nice and full the past couple days  Now you can see why I've finally hit the 400+ pound mark! I've gained 13 pounds since my last weigh in that was added when my site first opened, can you believe that? You can compare the two and see the gigantic differences in my body. Not only do you get weight in this video you get measurements and I can't believe how huge my belly is! It's even larger and hangs more than it did when I was pregnant which is shocking. Come join me at for my biggest weight yet! What will come next? <3 Star

I also had a 14 minute webcam show added as well as a photo set this week. Lots for you to see with 2 weekly updates!

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