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As the Princess lays languidly in her bed, wearing sexy, sensual lavender and grey lace lingerie, she begins to shake her big, deliciously soft body. Biting her lip, she slowly feels herself growing hot and bothered by the motion of her own body, and thus slides her chubby little hand down her underwear, finding that plush, soft mound of hers as she finds that perfect spot to touch...Moaning with pleasure, the Princess touches herself as she grabs and shakes her beautiful big body, writhing on the bed, her feet and toes curling as her body shakes from the motion of her touch...Watch her writhe and moan in pleasure, shake and jiggle in delicious ecstasy, until the perfect, most delicious climax is reached, leaving her flushed and blissed out from it all...      


In this HD video, the Plump Princess climbs her huge, beautiful body onto her bed, where she languidly spreads her wide hips as she sits down to enjoy a big, deliciously decadent chocolate cupcake. Dense, thick, rich, topped with heavy chocolate icing, the Princess moans with pleasure as she devours the cupcake, fat-and-food talking as she goes, giggling happily and sometimes moaning with discomfort as she indulges in the decadence.      


This incredibly special HD video is shot POV (point of view) style - from the point of view of the FA. Watch as the Princess gets felt up, grabbed, handled, jiggled, and shook all over. Feet, cankles, legs, thighs, ass, back, arms, belly, breasts, and neck are all grabbed, shook, spanked or slapped...all while she smiles demurely, bites her lip and grins with pleasure. Indulge yourself in what it would look and be like to have your hands all over the Plump Princess...      

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