Big Cutie Margot’s A Valentine’s Vixen!

Hi loves! Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m so happy to be able to spend Valentine’s with you this year. I am a homebody, so my idea of a fun Valentine’s date is to get all dressed up and wait for you to come home while sprawled out on my favorite fur blanket. I wanted to wait for you to feed me my favorite chocolates, but my greedy side comes out and I easily get through a whole box - 10 servings of chocolate - while waiting for you!

Good thing I have another box… or who knows, maybe you’ll surprise me with even more? ;)

Come join me at - and don't forget to check out my members blog... I recently posted some "naughty" photos, and a vlog where you get to join me for my midnight snack (spoiler alert: it's a hoagie covered in ranch, cheese and FRENCH FRIES... a gal's gotta keep her figure up, yanno?)  :-*