BigCutie MizzPuss in Black & White Cellulite!

I just love how the black and white tone emphasises my expansive creamy pale flesh. The contrast of my light skin and dark hair and lips just looks so sensual to me. And oh how it makes my sexy cellulite show up. The deep dimples all over my belly and thighs are so noticeable in this set. Normally I can only feel the subtle indents when I fondle my lovely soft parts, so it is quite a treat seeing them showcased in this set. Enjoy x

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Gargantuan Goth – Big Cutie Summer

Gargantuan Goth - Big Cutie Summer

OMG you can see my bones! And they glitter?! In all honesty, I didn't realize there was sparkle in my dress when I bought it online., I wanted it to be a little more rocker/goth. I suppose though that once I saw the sparkles I fell in love with it a little more, I guess we can file this under another layer of my personality poking through the other ;)  You can see almost all of my "sides" over at



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Porcelain Fox ~ Botanical Beauty

*Fan Requeted*

I felt extreamly girly wearing this floral dress with tights! I love how it looked and clung to my massive round belly, dresses are ment to show off your figure afterall.  I couldn’t help but want to touch my soft squishy fat so in the video you get to see my hands go exploring over my jelly bulges;)

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Asshley does yoga! or    This newest update will make you want to pour a drink and give a toast to the beauty of my big ass.  This week I have added a set of me in my cosmo covered panties and a 9 minute video of me doing yoga!     All my videos are now iOS and Android compatible!!!! That means you can see my over 19,000 pictures and videos anywhere you go!!!! or

BigMommaKat Retro Set or This week I have added a retro set to the website. This is one of the very first sets of pics I did as a amateur model. See me strip out of my dress down to my sexy black bra and panties.  Looks like I was a pro at  giving you great poses and showing you all of my big heart shaped ass right from the start!!  All my videos are now playable on iOS  & Android!!!! or

BigCutie Ellie ~ My Pudgy Profile

One of my favorite views of myself is my profile.  The biggest reason that I love it is that you can really see how much my big belly hangs.  It hangs so low right now that I feel like it is pulling me forward sometimes.  It is a beautiful apron of blubbery bliss!  You can see so many of my chubby fat rolls nicely this way.  I love my back fat and the way it often seeps out of my bra and I love that my arms look big and pillowy soft!
Taking pictures can be hard work and I needed to have a snack break.  You know how much I love my snacks.  I like to keep this big belly full, round, and stuffed! It has grown a bit lately and is pretty gigantic.  You will have to let me know what you think of my pudgy profile! 
Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,


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Vallery’s Hungry for Vore

Vallery has just finished a large Jack in the Box stuffing session, but she's still not full. She knows that the only thing that will satisfy her hungry is swallowing you whole. She shows you her power to shrink men down until they are the perfect swallowing size. She enjoys taunting you on her tongue and tells you just how you are going to slide down her esophagus all the way down into her big sexy belly. But she's not done toying with you yet. Vallery realizes your tiny enough to me stuffed into her belly button, and she takes joy in knowing that you just might suffocate in her fat belly roll before she swallows you down to live inside her massive stomach.

BigCutie Britt’s Boots Were Made For Walkin’!

Short jean shorts, a tight leather jacket, no top... don't stand in my way.  I am not to be messed with in this set.  These boots will walk up the stairs, back down the stairs, and all over you if you get in my way!  Although they won't go up and down the stairs too much because I am a fatty who gets out of breath pretty quickly after all! ;) Hehehe, come play...
 + a new blog post about my fat, fat face!


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BigCutie CaitiDee’s Watermelon Wiggle!

I decided it was about time I tried smashing some produce with my big ass. I could only find this mini watermelon, so I may need to find a big fat juicy one this summer to try out. I did some damage though! How would you feel about being under me instead of this fruit? I'd crush you, but I'd try to keep you in one piece. This watermelon gets no such mercy, though. ;)

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Fat, Happy, Hungry,


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BigCutie CaitiDee has a Beer Belly!

I'm late posting about this update, but it went up last week! Come see my fat little self stuffed into a tiny long sleeve top, drinking beer until my belly's full and I'm feeling buzzed… :) I'm not Irish, but you can kiss me anyway!

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Fat, Happy, Hungry,


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BigCutie Miley is a Hefty Housewife!

I love to be curled up on the couch or in bed waiting for someone else to bring me some treats, no surprise! Though, on the rare occasion I do decide to get my own Miley-sized sweet treat, I do it in style! I underestimated, again, just how big I've gotten and thought a one-size fit all apron from the store would fit me. Lucky for me, it does....right in between some of my new rolls ;)
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Big Cutie Vallery ~ Big Belly Bouncy Ball

I’ve had this exercise ball laying around my house for a while, and well honestly it never gets used because I gave up exercising years ago! But just because I don’t exercise doesn’t mean I can’t get my big belly bouncing on that giant ball! Watch as I’m dressed in the tightest “workout” clothes I can find and bounce and shake all of my fatty parts in this jiggly fun video update!


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BigCutie Veelynn – Waning Winter

So here in my neck of the woods, winter has been mild as far as snow but also cold as ever. As much as I detest the ice, there are some things I do enjoy about the season. The naked trees, everything covered in a sparkling layer of frost. I felt it necessary to bid it a fond farewell as we welcome in spring and warm temperatures. Goodbye to muted colors, nipping winds, rosey cheeks, and quiet, still mornings. I dawned this short black dress which, I honestly didn't think was that short until I went trotting through the Arboretum. I'm hoping I didn't flash any unsuspecting visitors! This season was lovely, but I am looking forward to spring :)

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*Big Cutie Bonnie-Golden Gorging Goddess*

In previous sets I have stuffed myself full of chocolate eclairs, but I think my maximum eclairs was a meager six!
However, in my latest set I manage to stuff an astonishing 10 eclairs into my greedy mouth in no time and am so painfully stuffed afterwards! I loved how my belly swelled out and stretched and how the fabric of my dress broke further from the growth of my belly.
I could see tiny little tears in the material as I began to stuff, it was quite exciting! I cannot wait to do an update of this set and next time eat 12 or even 14 eclairs!!!! Or perhaps even more! What do you think? ;)

Bonnie x0x0

*BigCutie Jae is a Plaid Playmate!*

As usual, any sleep set or lingerie that I can get my hands onto --
 have to squeeze myself into it!
Every pattern and image is stretched to it's limit and distorted -- whoops!
I love how it stretches over every curve and roll, accentuating my 500+ pound bod!

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<3 Jae

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Big Cutie Margot’s Hot Pants!

Hi I picked up these size 3X shorts on Amazon and couldn’t wait to pair them with fishnets for you. I was a little surprised at how small they were on my butt, but I definitely liked how they accentuated my big, round butt! I think you’ll love watching me show off for you - this outfit definitely made me feel flirty and playful and I hope you pick up on those vibes ;)

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? BBWADELINE.COM ? A Belly Between Friends feat. SSBBW Brianna

Hi guys!
I recently stumbled across
these photos that Brianna & I took one day
shooting in a hotel and they were
too cute and too personal not to share.
You can see just how much
we both appreciate the softness
and fullness of each other's curves,
especially our round tummies!
The contrast between our different belly
shapes is truly mesmerizing!

Sweet Adeline

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BigCutie Cherries in Cruisin’ with Cherries part 2!!

Cherries had so much fun on her cruise, and the best part is all the food that's around ALL THE TIME!! The buffets were definitely Cherries' sized, but this tiny bathroom isn't!! She knew you'd love seeing her crammed into the tiny stall, and to see what it looks like these days when she tries to use standard size towels...there just isn't enough fabric anymore!

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Big Cutie Clementine *Snow Day*

I'm so so happy we got one last snow so that I could take a wintery set for you guys! It was chilly but totally worth it! When I got home my belly and cheeks were the rosiest red... they almost matched my sweater!!! I hope you enjoy this little farewell to winter as much as I enjoyed shooting it for you!

I'll see you soon!

Popping Balloons with my huge ass

I have added a new clip to my clip store at  In this clip you will see my inner child playing with balloons before popping them under my magnificently huge ass!!! This 6 minute clip shows me tossing balloons around giving you a good view of my jiggling boobs and my huge belly swinging with every motion.  Clips once available only at or are now available for download at or simply follow the link from my website!!! 

BigFatCHICS Clip Store now open!!!!

We are very happy to announce the opening of our  clip store!!   You will be able to find many of the videos once offered exclusively to members of now available for download in our clip store.  You'll have your choice of facesitting, squashing, stuffing, booty bouncing, belly play and much much more!  Find us at

Big Cutie Brianna- Tight in White!

This tiny lingerie didn't stand much of a chance on my huge, womanly figure. ;) ;) Being 10 sizes too small,
these matching bra and panties hug my fat in all of the right places. Come see why TIGHT is always Right! at

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~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ Natural Woman

vSometimes you just have to let your natural beauty shine, which is why I decided to sprawl...well, more like squeeze into my armchair with nothing but nude lingerie on, my face natural and without any makeup on, and just let the natural glow of my self love, decadence, and beauty shine. It also helps that I was almost as big as the chair I was trying to squeeze into! A natural woman indeed...*wink*

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Courtney xo