BigCutie Brianna- Super-Sized Squash & Smother

Squashing is one of those things that gets better and better the more weight I gain.
The satisfaction I get from having a person beneath my body is unmatchable. ;) :)
Squashing is my biggest turn on by far, since gaining all this weight and I thought
I'd share that with you! The beginning of this video starts out as kindof a POV
squashing, maybe you can imagine yourself as the guy being squashed.
You eventually see my boyfriend in the view, and I do some butt drops on his chest,
to show who's boss. We switch to a few different squashing positions, I full body
squash him And during the video, we even tip the bed, because I'm too heavy. Oops!

Join Here: to watch me squashing at the heaviest I've ever been.

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