Violet is SUPER F-A-T!

SO many gaining milestones lately! I'm becoming an Extra Large SSBBW and loving every minute of it! Join me at for these fat and sexy clips!

Mobility Issues
New weight brings new challenges! As I get closer to immobility there are many exciting mobility issues that I experience, and I love to tell you all about them. Getting dressed and walking become sexy struggles as I pack on the pounds. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Finally a Scooter Fatty!
Decreasing mobility fat chat! I'm loving my gains! At first I was shocked to find that I've gotten so FAT I couldn't even walk around a store anymore, but now I'm getting used to using a scooter to get around in stores...and it's so hot!

My 8X Muumuu
What's the key milestone in a gaining girl's wardrobe? Muumuus!
Nothing says obese more than the iconic muumuu! I've been asked where I find clothes in my size, and in this clip I show and tell you all about it! I've been forced to find something that would actually fit, and this 8x muumuu was the largest clothing item I could find. I've grown out of all the fat girl stores, and now I'm lounging in my 8x muumuu, and enjoying my huge growth spurt!


SSBBW Assistance
What does an SSBBW like me need help with? In this clip I tell you all about some of the exciting changes and new difficulties I've experienced as my body grows.

Heavy Cream and Donuts
Heavy cream and favorite snack for fattening my plump, growing belly...mmm. I think I can actually feel myself getting fatter!