Chair Crusher

It has finally happened. I killed a chair. My little stool has been breaking down for a while and I knew it was only a matter of time before I smashed it. Luckily I was able to catch the collapse on tape just for you! You can hear it creak and grown, then finally I flatten it and crash to the ground. I guess it's time to go chair shopping!!!

This is a video update but I did get a few shots, please enjoy! :)

<3 BoBerry
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Big Cutie Margot’s Snack Attack!

Hi guys! You've probably noticed that I've put on some weight since my site opened... and I know I talk about how much I LOVE to eat, especially cheesy, fried foods, so I decided to let you in on one of my snack sessions. Appetizer style finger foods bring me more joy than probably anything else! I love popping bite sized treats into my mouth with one hand, and rubbing my belly with the other… and dreaming of someone sitting behind me to help me out. I get totally stuffed by the end of this snack fest, and the belly rub that follows is blissful!

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XOXO, Margot

? ? feederism faq video!

Join BBWADELINE.COM today to see this FAQ
where I discuss some commonly asked questions
I get on a pretty regular basis
about my life as a feedee
such as how much I eat on a daily basis,
how much I stuff, what my gaining goals are,
what some of my favorite foods to stuff are,
and foods I enjoy in general.
It gives you even more of a peek
into my life as a gaining girl.

Sweet Adeline

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Sasha’s Bulging Bra!

This bra is so sexy on my fat body. So tight that it squeezes into me creating new rolls to play with and feel. My breasts just don't want to be contained and the bulges coming out of this bra shows exactly that. It seems my body wants what my body wants as it's exploding out of all of my clothes lately!

Fat Hugs & Belly Rubs,

BigCutie Britt’s Troubling Tights! *video*

Hey you!  Me and tights have never gotten along.  It is always quite a fight when it comes to my body and tight-anythings.  These tights put up quite a fight ... but did they win against my blubber?  Well... see for yourself. ;)
 + a recent blog post of me with blonde hair... what?! ;) check it out


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Asshley Tight Mini Dress or   What's red, black, white and tight? My little mini-dress! This tight mini dress has me looking thick in all the right places. You will love how the fabric hugs my big ass and huge tighs showing them off. I'm ready for a night on the town and I want to spend it with you. See me show off in this hot little number, teasing you with no panties on! Check out this newest update and the many many many other picture sets and videos on my website.  Not sure you want to be a member or just want a little something to keep, check out my clip store! or

SuperSized Fatty Tasha

2 Videos and 46 pictures were updated to or today!

In the photo set i am modeling A nice animal print bra and black panty set.I get in several
different poses to show off ALL my rolls.There is a little for everyone in this photo update!

This update includes 2 videos. In one video i am showing you my goal pants. Most women have
smaller goal pants and wish to lose weight. But i can assure you MY goal pants are HUGE. I model
them and show you their size!

In the other video I sit on my puny little friend in a computer chair. You can barely tell that there
is someone under me! I am amazed!

I hope you guys enjoy this update and i wish you all a great week!

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Thanks !

My 4 Drive-Thru Feast &amp; more! –

New clips at!

4 Drive-Thru Feast
I'm never satisfied with one meal! I love going to multiple fast food restaurants and getting all of my favorite fattening foods!

Plump with Pizza
All this pizza, all to myself!

POV Tights Jiggle
Jiggling my sexy belly in my tight, bright nylons...

Dressing Over 500
I'm going out and nothing fits! I'm too fat for everything

Alexxxis Allure – Banana Split Sundae

Alexxxis has been hard at work eating enough to add pounds to her growing belly. She's had a sweet tooth lately and decides to indulge in a classic banana split. Watch her stuff her face with creamy ice cream and sticky chocolate syrup before getting so turned on by the delicious mess she's made that she uses the banana for her pleasure ;) Get the Full Length HD video now at

BigCutie Stephenie :: Nighty Night Steph

Bed time is the best time for a lazy fatty, like me! Next after food time, of course  I love laying my huge, heavy body in a soft, comfy bed and having sweet dreams of all the yummy food I ate that day. Sometimes it's hard work being such a giant lard, but it's all worth it!

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Big Cutie Vallery ~ Burger King Breakfast Stuffing

It’s been a little while since we all had breakfast together and I thought it was about time for us to stop by my next fast foot joint to give their breakfast fare a try. Today I’ve picked up a big bag of Burger King and I can’t wait to dig in. Join me as I eat until I’m nice and full and have to give my belly a relaxing rub to help work in all the calories.

Breakfast is served!

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BigCutie Veelynn – Pizza Princess &lt;3

I declared myself the Pizza Princess long before doing this set. Why you ask? Well everyone knows pizza is pretty much the best thing to ever exist, I mean come on. Short of sex, it beats out almost every other food and otherwise. I could never get tired of pizza. Supremes, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Cheese, Meat Lovers; bring it on! I am the royal authority on pizza and I'll take pizza in lieu of gifts from all my loyal subjects.

All that aside, in this video I decide to share your company as I devour piece after piece of hot delicious pizza pie! I rub my belly and indulge like I am so accustomed to. I hope you enjoy my company as much as I enjoy this pizza!

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Big Cutie Holly in Struggle and Squeeze (too tight try on)


I was just doing a wardrobe clear out and I came across a LOT of clothes that were waaaaay too tight on me so I thought I’d show you how they look on me now. It was such a struggle trying to squeeze into my old clothes (and a bit of a work out) but totally worth it to see how much I’ve out grown them. I’m sure you’ll like what you see ;)

WARNING! This video contains trouser ripping, shirt tearing and LOTS of button popping

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Holly <3

*Big Cutie Bonnie-Fabulous Funnel Feeding*

Here it finally is, my first funnel feeding on video!
I used over a litre of cream and 8 chocolate yogurts and once I had devoured it all I was shocked at how stuffed I was!
Lol perhaps the tight corset didn't help as I felt as though I could barely breathe!!
It was so sexually arousing to be funnel fed the fatty liquid and I cannot 'weight' to do it again!!!

PS- I'm loving how low my belly is dropping! ;)

Bonnie x0x

Wet &amp; Soapy Whooty Video

Wet & Soapy Whooty Video Download

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Well 10 min fully clothed shower video like nudity.  5 min wearing leggings (any color) and 5 min wearing jeggings.  Any tight shirts.  I don't really have a script.....just you showering fully clothed for me and just for fun :)  Lots of jiggling, booty shaking, booty smacking, and worshiping your famous 60 inch ass :)
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Includes: leggings, jeggings, spandex, non nude, big tits, boob bouncing, wet t shirt, twerk, twerking, tit clapping, ass shaking, ass clapping, ass smacking, shower door disappearing between my cheeks, teasing, talking dirty, soap, bubbles, bbw, big butt, legs, getting wet & soapy, wet & messy, whooty, wide hips, big legs, big arms, close ups & much much more!
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Big Cutie Trysta ~ Voluptuous with a View

I want to share this incredible view and a few “views” of my own you just might enjoy. It started with a flip of my dress, a flash of some flesh, and my belly swaying and jiggling. I just made this million dollar Hollywood view worth every penny!

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Porcelain Fox ~ Bulging Maiden

This week I’m in the famous black lace top you guys love, only this time it can barely contain my planetary belly! Taking pics on my stairs is hungry work so I snack out on one of my favourite convienience food: a microwavable burger!

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~???Plump Princess???~ Fridge Binge

Just a normal afternoon while I strut around in a too-tight tee that won't even cover my beautiful soft, fat belly. Feeling a sudden craving to stuff my greedy, gorgeous face with some sweet, indulgent sweets, I make for the kitchen to begin my binge. Searching the fridge, freezer and cupboards for satiation, I manage to find happiness in whipped cream, nutella-stuffed cookies, chocolate-covered granola bars and last (but certainly not least) my favourite - ice cream. Must hurry before someone catches me in the middle of all this voracious greediness...

New "Fridge Binge" video up only at!

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Courtney <3

BigCutie Miley and BigCutie Margot’s Pizza Party Pigout!

When I first met up with Margot it was no surprise how quickly we bonded! We are both super cute, super fat and LOVE our food. The most difficult part was trying to share a pizza. We should have known that between the two of us one pizza wouldn't be enough but I think we both underestimated just how greedy we both were! We know that if you are going to stuff, you have to be wearing comfy clothes so we decided to get together for a fatty pizza party! We had so much fun laughing, feeding ourselves, each other and offering each other rubs. I know you are going to love the sexy super sized fun we had in this set!

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4:20 Fatty ~

Join me by the pool in my 4:20 bikini! I shot this set last week while in Florida visiting my BFF Reenaye Starr and picking up Malice, my new roomie! There's a part 2 to this set coming next week featuring some sexy underwater photos and video, so stay tuned! My site also will be updated with 3 new videos this week! Stop on by to see what you've been missing out on!

Big Cutie Summer in Jammy Jams!

I love spending hump day like it was lump day! Hanging out in my PJs listening to some music and

being a bump (on a log {couch}).You know what else I love to do? Eat chocolate chip cookies. That's

what I'm doing now. I have some cheez-its over there for when I want something not so sweet.

Oh! Yeah, so you should totally check out this latest update over at -

There are a lot of pictures like me in all my wicked cute pajamas, or sometimes super sexy stuff.

That's right... stuff.



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BigCutie Kelly’s Royal Rolls

I've grown all over in my years gaining, but I adore my newest thigh rolls the most! I can’t stop pinching and jiggling them, every chance I get, and I know you wish you could do the same!

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Fatter and happier,

P.S. I just updated my member's blog with exclusive before and after comparisons and my intimate perspective on seeing my 100+lb gain from plumper to BBW to SSBBW in photos. If you love hearing a true feedee discuss all the changes she’s loving in her body you won’t want to miss this update.

*BigCutie Jae – ‘FA’Q 2015*

I did a 'FA'Q video last year and you guys are still super curious about a lot more...
and I love answering your questions!
But be sure to stick around until the end for a very exciting
(to me and hopefully to all of you!)announcement about my bigger, fatter future!

This update is ONLY available @ JAE.BIGCUTIES.COM!

<3 Jae

P.S. The member's only blog is updated with pictures of me looking HUGE at the beach.

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Hips, Hips, Hooray! BoBerry with special guest, BigCutie Eve!!

BigCutie Eve and I have been friends for a while, but we've never done a photo shoot together, until now!! Check out our cute little cheerleader outfits! Our bodies look so good together. :) This update was very interesting to me. Our shapes are so similar, and yet we still have some big differences. I love comparing our bellies, thighs, and of course our giant asses. I hope you will too!

You know you are on the right team if you have us BigCuties cheering for you. We're so cute that it doesn't matter if the team wins or loses, it'll be a good game. Haha. ;)

<3 BoBerry
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Big Cutie Margot &amp; Miley’s Pizza Party Pigout!

Hi guys! OMG I’m so excited to share this set with you all! As you may recall, I had the pleasure of getting to hang out with BigCutie Miley, and we had such a blast! We bonded like fat sisters. We chatted, giggled, played with each others bellies and of course, ATE TO OUR HEARTS CONTENT! While watching corny TV shows and hanging out in our PJs, we had a really hard time splitting this pizza between us. It’s so hard to share with another feedee… I really regret that we didn’t each get a pizza! Thank god we wound up going out to dinner - twice - a few hours later. It was almost enough food for us.

Come check us out at and don't forget to visit my blog - last night I posted a bonus 18 minute video where I eat my favorite smothered fries, chug a milkshake and talk about my favorite foods and show off how fat my belly's getting! (pic preview: I hope you have as much fun with this set as we did shooting it!


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Big Cutie Clementine *Woodland Wanderer*

Hi everyone!!! EEK! I'm so excited to share this update with you! I was lounging at the park one afternoon and decided I needed to seize the moment and go get naked in the woods!!! My fat belly was spilling out all over the place, and my thighs looked extra dimply with the sun shining through on them.

I loved this day so much. Sneaking off into the woods to show off my plump tushy and my squishy belly was even more fun than I had imagined!!!

Come join me? I'll see you soon!

Big Cutie Eve w/ gorgeous guest BoBerry in Hips, Hips Hooray!

Give me a B! Give me a U! Give me an N! Give me an S!
What’s that spell? BUNS, and you better believe that BoBerry and I are giving you more than your hotdogs can handle with this set. We went out for the cheerleading squad and while the routines were a challenge, you ain’t never seen a two girl pyramid quite like this. Come have a look!

BC Leah in Double the Denim with guest BC CaitiDee

I am so excited my friend Big Cutie CaitiDee came to visit!!! We had so much fun just hanging out and catching up, then gorging ourselves on mini cupcakes and comparing our squishy fat bellies and big booties. Come watch all the fun at and

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