BigCutie Brianna- The Fat Outdoors!

This day, I went on a very tiring hike at my closest state park. Went into an old cabin with small doorways
and windows, which of course I squeezed my body into a few just so you could see how huge I am.
I traipsed around, stopping every few minutes to take a breather. I was very out of breath from even the
slowest hiking. Maybe this set should be called "Out of Breath Outdoors" because damn, was this
fatty out of breath!  ;) ;)
The video out with this set is a cool one, you get to watch as I walk across a suspension bridge. and it shakes
quite abit under my weight!! ::)

Don't worry, I enjoyed some yummy fast food after. Chik-Fil-A to be exact, and if you've gone there,
you know each of their meals have ALOT of calories in them.

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