BigCutie Stephenie :: Chubby Bunny

Happy Easter, everyone!

Let's be honest...I haven't been a -chubby- bunny for years and years. But I mean, "Huge, Fat, Blubbery Bunny" doesn't have the same cute ring to it ;) I've definitely got a cute, fluffy bottom and I'm squishy and cuddly, just like a bunny! But I think instead of giving out chocolate eggs to everyone, I'll keep them for myself. In fact...why don't you bring ME some ;) Of course, regular marshmallows aren't fattening enough for me...So, in this video, I play chubby bunny with party cake flavored peeps. Covered in sugar, just how I like <3 There's lots of giggling and jiggling that you don't want to miss!

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