*Big Cutie Bonnie-Fatter by the Funnel*

In my previous funnel feeding video I drank 1 pint of cream and 6 chocolate yogurts, but in this new update I consume 2 pints of cream and 6 yogurts (I would have bought more but they were all sold out!)
This time I got even messier as the liquid dripped down my chin, neck and breasts! Lol it just came out so fast I didn't have time to swallow it all haha ;)
Funneling for me is so erotic as I feel myself becoming so stuffed I can barely breathe, yet the funnel gives me little choice but to swallow, allowing the sugary liquid to stuff my belly more and more. I would gain so much more weight if I did this regularly :D
I am looking forward to when I do it once again, perhaps next time with my weight gain shake!



Bonnie x0x0