Big Cutie Margot’s One Year Anniversary (and updated measurements!)

Hello my loves! Can you believe my site has been open for a whole year already?! I hardly can… time flies when you’re getting fat! I was looking through my first couple sets and remembering how excited yet shy I was… it had been a while since I had done any modeling and wasn’t sure if anyone would even remember me from my days as an awkward geeky girl on Big Cuties Bonanza! Still, I had a lot of fun showing off, and now, a year later, I’m feeling more confident, proud and FATTER than ever! Come join me while I celebrate the anniversary of my site… and find out JUST how much I’ve grown since my opening! Thank you all for joining me on this fun little adventure..

I can’t wait for another exciting year together. :) Come see how good the last year's been to me at and don't forget to visit the free bigcuties blog at!