BigCutie Ellie w/ Special Guest Tori Talia "Porkies With Parasols"

A beautiful day led the Porkies outside to play!!! My good friend Tori Talia and I headed out after a fresh rain to let our fats be free and feel some fresh air! HOORAY for some nice weather! We are sick of being cooped up and ready to play!

 We do a bit of walking and because of the rain our fat bodies sink and squish into the ground deeper and deeper! Stomping around is too much work so I decided that it would be fun to do a strip tease and show off all of our rolls and play with our parasols. We had way too much fun and my huge belly jiggles and begs to be free. Come and enjoy the curvaceous views. Between her beautiful big ass, thick luscious thighs and my low hanging apron belly and my soft and jiggly jibbs this update is quite a feast for your eyes!

 Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,

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