Roku Adult: The Adult Channel Store for Roku

Want to see more SSBBW and BBW MeatyAss on the big screen?  We just launched a #CROWDFUNDING campaign at #INDIEGOGO for our second Roku channel, "Roku Adult"

Roku Adult allows you to discreetly buy or rent Adult Movies, with parental controls in Standard or High Definition.  It will work the same as Apple TV where any SSBBW or BBW with tons videos can create a 45 minute compilation of their best clips and have it streamed to customers around the world.  No downloads!  There's a huge market of cordcutters who have canceled their bloated cable subscriptions and opted for streaming devices like Roku that has Netflix and everything else they want. is the only Fetish site that has responded to this growing market of new customers with our 1st Roku channel 


New models are jumping in the game everyday which makes competing a bit tough.  We, not wanting to be just another Clip Site by offering more of the same, have branched into streaming TV where their are already 60,000,000 million households with one or more streaming devices like Roku.  So the pie has not only gotten bigger, its a whole new pie!

Check out the campaign link where we have 50% OFF Clips On Demand TV subscriptions   And the best payout splits for Clips Stores

Fat Chicks Rule,

The Clips On Demand Team