SSBBW Candy Godiva Feast on Popeye’s Chicken Tenders

SSBBW Candy Godiva Feast on Popeye's Chicken Tenders

18:47 length, 1280 by 720 resolution, 6219kbps total bitrate. In this clip, SSBBW Candy Godiva has some spicy style Popeye's fried chicken tenders. Upon tasting them, Candy comments that they seem spicier than the chicken pieces do. Candy also had 3 sides with all those tenders, with the first being her favorite from this place, coleslaw. She calls it "so crunchy and creamy" and she says that this place really has the best coleslaw of any she has had from a fast food place. There is also jambalaya, which Candy says looks pretty as well as being spicy and really good. Candy says it must be "creole style" because it's so red with tomato sauce. It is excellent with the chicken pieces floating around in that spicy rice. Of course there are the mashed potatoes and gravy, which Candy says seems quite spicy too, but that is after she already tried a bite of the chicken tenders. At some point Candy says "I do enjoy the burn", and she also remarks that she could finish off all 3 sides really quickly if she wanted to. It seemed like she did! There are the awesome trademark biscuits and then for dessert there is a piece of "Georgia style pecan pie" on the side. At some point while eating the tenders Candy is so impressed by how spicy they are that she says they are "spicy as fuck." Even with a really sweet barbecue sauce to balance it out, they are still burning pretty good. While reviewing the clip, it seems that Candy is not talking very much after introducing the food, because these tenders are giving her all the meat without the bones. Candy stops the filming for a few minutes to finish off the sides and a few more tenders because she could tell how long the clip was getting, and she knew she was just stuffing, moaning, and groaning, without much interaction in between. This was one of those clips where Candy's jaw starts to get tired from chewing and she wants to get to dessert before she can't swallow another bite. Candy is able to put away that pecan pie pretty quickly though, as full as she is. After that is gone, Candy plays with that big sexy belly for a few minutes. There are a few really big burps as Candy moves her big belly around in an attempt to help everything settle down in there. Candy makes a comment about how she has got to go rest after eating all that, and another clip comes to a close. or