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It's the middle of the day, and I am a hungry, hungry girl. This Princess is in dire need of a snack, and so I decide to make myself a plate of doughnuts to stuff into my hungry, greedy fat-girl face. Watch as I fill my mouth (and big, soft belly) with doughnut after doughnut, followed down by a huge glass of whole milk. As I moan with pleasure and delight, listen as I talk about how much I love eating, stuffing my face, and keeping my gorgeous body big, soft, and fat.

* * *


After stuffing herself with a plate of doughnuts, the Princess lays back on the couch, stuffed, aching, and happily full, and begins to show off her big, fat, stuffed body for you. She grabs and shakes her big, fat belly. She massages and plays with her big, soft breasts. She gets on all fours (with the couch creaking beneath her weight), pulls down her panties, and bares her big, round, giant bubble butt for you, shaking, grabbing, and spanking it. Finally, she grabs huge handfuls of her fluffy, soft, pillowy arms. Stuffing herself with doughnuts keeps her fat, keeps her this gorgeous and soft, and she loves every single moment of it.

* * *


After discovering a bag of old boyfriend tees sizes M (medium) and L (large), the Princess decides to try on several shirts. Wanting to see what the shirts would look like and how they would fit on her, she tries on the too-tight tees, having to squeeze herself into them. She then compares the fit: how they should fit a normal person, and how they fit her and her big, fat, gorgeous body. The tee shirts cut into her big, soft, pillowy arms, expose all her belly fat and rolls beneath the tight, stretched material, and ends up fitting her more like a crop top, rather than a tee shirt. Still, she happily struts around in what turns out to be some very cute, too-tight tees. What would your tshirt look like on her?

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Courtney <3